Chapter Thirteen

"Rosie? It's Chelle. Erm. We're cool yeah? Um... haven't seen you in few days, so, uh, I just wanted to make sure you're okay... You know the stuff I said to you the other day was just me being stupid, you know that right? I thought about it and I rang Lee and we're back together so you know-" there was a disturbance in the background- "WHAT? Yeah whatever, go away. That's Hannah, saying hi. She's driving me crazy. Um, yeah, are you coming back to work- FINE TAKE IT HANNAH- sorry, so ring me okay? Or don't. Whatever. I don't care. Biotch."

There was a click as Chelle put down the phone. Rosie pressed end call just as Melinda came into the room.

"Did you manage to access your messages?" She asked sitting down beside her.

"Yes. I had to hack into my voicemail." said Rosie melancholy.

"There's really no need for you to hibernate Rosie. I've told you before. You can go back to work, I assure you, nobody at The ED is trying to kill you."

"Hmm." Rosie answered. "They'd probably disagree."

"Chloe is one of my closest friends-"

"Rocky was one of my closest friends."

"They gave you a bodyguard."

Rosie scowled as she thought of Polly. "I hate that girl."

"What about the boy-"

"I hate boys!"

"Aren't you a bundle of sunshine."

"I hate sunshine too." Rosie said stubbornly.

"Stay still!" Rosie shouted pulling at Princess' hair a few days later.

"Well you're hurting." Princess complained.

"Fine! Go away," Rosie pushed Princess off her lap. Princess stuck her tongue out and ran off to play with Jeb, her new found best friend.

"Children are the most disloyal creatures on Earth Rosie, I wouldn't worry about it. They cling to anybody who loves them." Jumar said wisely.

Rosie nodded quietly. She wasn't sure how to act around Jumar, this man claiming to be her father. Melinda had actually laughed when Rosie delivered the grave news of his death. When Rosie thought about it, it made sense. Nobody ever actually died in this world. Jumar had had thirteen years practise of faking his own death, to Rosie at the least. He was clearly a master of new identities and names. The idea that a Junior Assassin could kill him was a little absurd. Even one like Juan Hernandez. This arouse a secret hope in Rosie. If Jumar could once again evade death then surely Healy could. Then Rosie could have a final meeting with him and finally settle a few things.

"Is Jumar your real name?" Rosie asked him just to make conversation.

"It is. Although my last name has changed. There wasn't much point in a whole new name, they pretty much knew where I was anyway. What's in a name, eh?"

"So what will you do when they realise you're not dead?"

"Nothing much. Just avoid another attempted assassin. That's life I guess, always one corner away from death."

Rosie lifted an eyebrow and Melinda grunted.

"Bloody aphoristic fool," she said under her breath. Only Rosie heard and they shared a smile together.

Princess came back into the room with a look of perfect innocence on her face. She sat on a chair opposite Rosie.

"What have you done?" Roaie asked immediately.

"Nothing..." Princess said but then Jeb stormed in.


"What happened?" Melinda asked tired. It was obvious to see that she hadn't dealt with many children, although she had three of her own.


"She hit-"

"Because he took-"

"I never-"

"He's a big girl-"

"So are you!" Jeb shouted as if this was the worse insult in the world.

"You'll find that forgiveness is life's best gift. For-give-ness, children."

"Is he serious? He sound's like a minister." Rosie asked amused. She thought it was funny but Melinda clearly didn't.

"They're six years old Jumar, stop preaching," Melinda snapped.

"I'm seven actually," Jeb interrupted.

"Maybe the messages aren't directed at the six year olds," Jumar said pointedly ignoring Jeb.

"I thought you said your flight was at 7? I think you should leave."

"But it's only 2."

"Take the hint, the children don't need you here!"

"I like Uncle Jumar. " Princess chirped.

"Coming from a woman who's never done a days worth of child rearing in her life." Jumar retorted without any regard for Princess.

"That's so pathetic of you!"

"Well it's the truth."

"You're childish and petty!"

They went on shouting at eachother, and the two children gazed up at them with surprise... they'd clearly been outdone in the "childish" catergory. Princess went over to Jeb and pulled at his shirt.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Jeb said. "Come on, lets go play. I'll get my Nanny Rita to make us some food."

They ran off out of the sitting room.

"You know the kids have gone?" Rosie said above Melinda and Jumar's noise. They ignored her.

"You know, I'm probably going to go too..." Rosie added. She edged around them and grabbed her coat from the hallway. She looked back to see if the adults were paying attention, but rolled her dark eyes in annoyance when she realised they weren't.

Family life wasn't what it was made out to be.


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