Siren's Wish

She wished she could cry.

But Sirens have no tears.

The echo of the waves, the echo of her life, the echo of her love- empty.

The bright sparkle and glitter of gold and jewels lying upon wet rocks was cold- her limbs were cold, her voice was cold, her heart was cold.

The familiar feeling of the cool blue sea washing over her legs- washing away her hope, washing away her love, washing away her soul.

She was empty, anger was gone, the burn and ache in her chest had gone, leaving a numb, hollow void. Even despair had deserted her.

She keened in grief, immeasurably sad, her song filled the empty air, an empty echo of loss, haunting in its terrible beauty.

She remembered how the warm sun had shone upon her skin-

She remembered how beautiful his bright eyes- human eyes- were

She remembered how the touch of his hand felt- hot, alive

She wished her blood were red, red for passion, red for warmth

She wished she would bleed red

She wished her heart would bleed red

She wished of her broken heart, red blood would spill

Her tears, if cried, would be drops of rain

Drops of rain fall cold and blue into the vast, lonely sea

The cold sea

Detached, drops would only be swallowed up by the great blue water

If her heart broke, it would only become part of the waves

Devoured, to make no ripple

In the cold, empty sea

She remembered how he held her

She remembered feeling warm

She remembered his smile, his smile for her

But he was dead. He'd chosen another

She was dead, dying, rotting away inside

Hollow, an empty shell of shadow and decay

She looked up into the cold blue water—empty

She looked up into the open, pale blue sky- empty

She looked upon her shining treasures- empty

She looked into a mirror before flinging it away- empty

She looked into the reflective sheen of a knife- empty

Life was empty.

She didn't even feel the pain.

She pulled back the dagger.

It was blue.


She felt a single tear roll down her cheek.

It was blue.


She didn't see it hit the water, and be swallowed up by the cold, blue sea.