I remember the cold, moist, musty room of the place for confused people. That's what they called it. I call it The Crazy House. I remember my room number vividly not because of wanted to but because it scared me those numbers 666.

But when they shoved me in the room and made me stay in with my roommate who was a teenager girl too, I shuddered with fear. I saw The Chair. The chair that was painted black and had the number 666 carved all over it.

I laughed to myself and said," Ok mom I get it! Come down from heaven now!" My roommate with the red dyed hair and pale blue eyes looked at me weird. " You think this is funny?" she asked as her left eye twitch.

" You don't understand. That chair has been everywhere I go. It's been in my basement and I burnt it, it's been in my room and I chopped it, and now it's here! Where I thought it would be safe!" I yelled.

It was like talking to a wall. My roommate just looked out the window and saw the sunlight. I walked up to the wretched chair and sighed. " You killed my mother," I said to it and kicked it.

" Time for lunch!" One of the staff said. I walked out the room and saw the chair everywhere. It was against the walls and it was in the Dayroom. The Dayroom. Yeah I stood there as I saw the chair appear again. I just sat in it and fell on the floor. It was an illusion. I was really going insane. I want my mom.