Chapter 1: My Possie!

I looked in the mirror and sighed. My hair was perfect, my teeth were perfect (thanks to my Crest Whitestrips), and my makeup stayed on perfectly since the morning. I loved myself, my friends were awesome and my boyfriend was a total hottie!

"Jaemi!" I turned around and smiled, there was my best friend Cassie, she was petite, but powerful with bright blue piercing eyes and the blonde hair that was straight and long.

"Hey Cass, what's the 411?" I asked.

"You-will-not-believe-this" she sounded like she had just ran a mile. Which figures because there was a mile long hallway in our school. A rich beautiful school with all the high class people who want their children in the right place.

"Ehmygawd what happened?" I was dying to know.

"Jakkob has a crush on you!" she shouted.

"What? But I am going out with Stephen!"

"I know but even you have to admit that Jakkob is hotter!" she was

smiling boldly her teeth were perfect and white

"Yeah, that's true." We giggled.

The bell rang for us to go to our classes after lunch.

"Shoot! I need a makeup check!" Cassie cried.

"What do you have next?" I asked.

"Um, like, science"

"Doing during that class, she won't care." I grinned.

"Ehmygawd! Why didn't I think of that?"

"Because I'm Beautiful!" We both shouted at the same time then fell into a fit of laughter.

Second Bell.

"Shoot, well I guess I have to go!" Cassie said.

"Aw, come on, you can be late!"


We both laughed and ran down the hall, meeting up with our third, Krystal. Krystal had red, long, curly hair that I adored. She didn't like it, but I did. Krystal was tall and a really good basketball player. In our possie we all played sports because guys at our school thought that girls should play sports to be popular, and since we were all really good at sports and beautiful we were the rulers of the school, masters of the hallway. We always did that thing where you walk down the hallway like runway models looking straight ahead like we knew exactly where we were going and we did. To the "Hot Guys" lockers.

Chapter 2: The "Hot Guys"

Yes, of course we had hot guys in our school. There actually were alot but there was a group of 4 guys that made themselves stand out.

Brian, Stephen, Harold, and Zach. Lets start off with Harold because you are probably reading this saying "What? OMG his name is Harold!" Well, the people of Canswood Academy agree with you. Harold is smart, nice, sweet, jockey, and totally flippin' hot! He hangs out with the hot guys because he plays on the same football team as Brian, so naturally the two hotties became friends. With much to talk about, (girls. TV. And oh yeah SPORTS) the two are now tight. OK, on to Brian, he is the leader of the Hot Guys, the hottest and the group and very outgoing. He will go up to any girl and talk to them. Mostly though he just hangs around us. Stephen is my boyfriend and I think he is amazingly cute not exactly hot like Brian, but good enough to hang out with them. He is sweet but still really ah-nnoying!

Zach is different, he is nice and sweet and can really talk to girls. He isn't pervy like Brian, Harold and Stephen could be. He was like the softness that held them all together. Kystal was madly in love with him and I was the only one she had told. Once I had asked Zach if he liked her and he turned pink in the cheeks and shrugged.

When we got to the Hot Guys lockers they were all doing every thing in unison, laughing because Brian had said something funny. As we got closer I took out my cell and texted Krystal.

JAEMI- omg what r they LOLing about?

KRYSTAL- idk! hopefully not us!

JAEMI- yeah!

KRYSTAL- omg is Zach staring at me, or what?

I looked up, Zach WAS staring at Krystal, with that "OMG she's beautiful" look on his face. I couldn't help laughing. Krystal glared at me while Cassie looked puzzled. Stephen looked up and smiled at me, man, I liked his smile! Then I looked and saw Jakkob staring at me. OK, here is the thing about Jakkob; he is a year older and totally hotter! He was Harold's stepbrother. With his foreign accent and dark green eyes, you couldn't help but fall into his charm.

"Hallo Jaemi," he said, giving me his "I know where you sleep in a good way" stare.

"Heyy" I hoped there wasn't the sound of panic in my voice.

Stephen came up and put his arm around me.

"Come on, let's get out of here, I'll walk you to your class" He whispered in my ear.

Chapter 3: The Awkward Mile Long Hallway

Wow, you know, I could never figure out why people hated the mile long hallway. I mean, it was just a hallway, sure, it took about 12 min. to walk through (if you hurried), and it wasn't fun if you were walking alone, but I just didn't get it! Until now, that is.

When Stephen offered to walk me to class I totally forgot that my class was a mile away and I didn't think he would bring up Jakkob.

"So, do you like him?" he asked.


"Jakkob, I know he likes you, and I saw you looking at him in front of our lockers" Stephen was staring at me even though his gaze was on the floor.

"Oh, well, um," this was the first time I couldn't think of anything to say.

"Jaemi, please don't do this to me, I love you" then he really did look at me. Tears were in his eyes.

"OK, I won't" I felt defeated. But Stephen's eyes gave away something Jakkob's did not, pureness, and love.

The rest of the walk was just my hand in his hand. When we finally reached my class I kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "See you 5th hour"

As soon as I sat down I pulled out my cell and texted Kate and Cassie.

JAEMI- Stephen said he loved me!

CASSIE- omg X5

KRYSTAL- that's amazing! But what about Jakkob?

JAEMI- he's done

KRYSTAL- already?

CASSIE- of course!

CASSIE- well gtg the teacher is getting mad!


JAEMI- What's the 411 on Zach?

KRYSTAL- nothing yet!

JAEMI- he'll come around, I promise!

KRYSTAL- thanks! ahh there's the bell bye!

JAEMI- cya!


I clicked my phone shut. I had to figure out a way to get Zach and Krystal together! My mind was searching for answers.

Chapter 4: Answers Solved (Almost)

School was done and I was sitting in my chair IMing people. My most prized conversation was with Zach (Baseballfanatic). We all based our Screen Names on sports.

SoccerChick: Zach! OMG! I have been dying to talk to you!

Baseballfanatic: why?

SoccerChick: I have to ask you something.

Baseballfanatic: what?

SoccerChick: Do you like Krystal?

Baseballfanatic: um, can you keep it a secret?

SoccerChick: of course!

Baseballfanatic: then yeah I do.

SoccerChick: YAY! This is so exciting!

Baseballfanatic: why?

SoccerChick: can't tell!


Then I looked and saw that Krystal (tallbblstar), Cassie (lacrossqt), and Harold (footballlife) were on. I started a private chat.

SoccerChick: hey guys! what's up!

Tallbblstar: hey Jaemi! Nothing here.

Footballlife: yeah. I'm just chilling.

LacrossQT: ha-ha Harold you're so funny. Nothing, I'm bored!

SoccerChick: LOL. Nice sarcasm.

Footballlife: This is boring. I'm getting Brian in here.



JockoftheYear: hey. What's up?

Tallbblstar: nothing, I have to go, love all around!

SoccerChick: bye! I'll call you later, kay?

Tallbblstar: kay. Bye!

JockoftheYear: cya Krys.


Footballlife: god this is boring. Brian, want to come over and play video games?

JockoftheYear: sure.


After that very boring chat that I am surprised you read my cell phone buzzed. It was Jakkob.

"Hallo, Jaemi," he's accent caught me off guard.

"Um, hi" I said.

"Are you really going out with Stephen," he asked me


Then after along pause Jakkob finally said,

"Well I guess you love him more than me"

"Yeah, I guess so."


I started thinking more and more about Krystal and Zach. They were so perfect for each other that they HAD to be together. It was my calling.

"Jaemi! Time to get ready for bed!" my mother shouted up the stairs.

"Kay!" I shouted back.

I quickly got out of my pajamas and looked through my closet to find the perfect outfit for tomorrow. Finally I got out a pair of Sevens jeans and a Calvin flow dress. Mixed together it looked awesome. I sighed. I know that I'm good looking, but I try not to flaunt it.

Buzzing. Phone.

KRYSTAL: what have you heard about Zach?

JAEMI: not telling!

KRYSTAL: what?!

JAEMI: I'm working on a plan!

KRYSTAL: fine! Bye.

JAEMI: bye!

Chapter 5: My Awesome Amazing Plan

This morning my alarm clock went off an hour early, which is what I wanted. I got up. Went online to our school website. Logged on to my account and got Zach's locker combination. Then I printed off a banner, took a shower, got dressed, and tried my best to have perfection. When I got to school early Harold was already there. I informed him on my plan and then we went off to the lockers.

Krystal had once told me that she liked Zach because he was Zach. I thought it was because he had this blonde hair that wasn't really long but it wasn't like a buzz cut either. He had these bright blue eyes that weren't piercing but they were calm and simple. His clothing was pretty out but guys don't exactly care about clothing as much as we do so its not strange that he doesn't dress better. He had braces, I admit and they weren't bad looking, come to think of it most of the guys had braces, most of the girls did too.

When we were walking to Zach's locker I looked over at Harold and checked out what he was wearing. It was a pair of faded jeans, his checkerboard Vans, and a t-shirt that said, "Party at my house." I laughed, Harold's t-shirts could always make me laugh. Harold's shaggy dark brown hair was loose and his long bangs touched his eyelashes. He had this button nose that looked good on him with his brown, plain eyes. OK, so his eyes weren't his best feature, but he sure was hot.

We opened Zach's locker and put in the surprise then shut it.

"Ok," I said, "Promise you won't let Zach open his locker until Kate and I get here 'kay?"

"Right" Harold mumbled.

Chapter 5.5: The Plan!

"Jaemi! Wait up!" Krystal huffed. We were running down the mile long hallway and since we were in good shape we were able to make it. My soccer coach made us run a mile every day so I was used to it. Krystal, however, wasn't.

"Hurry!" I shouted behind me.

I really wanted to get to Zach's locker for the plan.

Finally we got there and I took out my hand held mirror to make sure that my hair and makeup was perfect, it was.

Harold glanced at me and nodded. I nodded back. Krystal went over to Zach and said hi right as he opened his locker.

"Babe, I got you babe"

"I Love you, I honestly love you"

"When a man loves a women"

Harold, Cassie, Brian, Stephen, and I were all laughing our guts off while Krystal and Zach stared deeply into another's eyes. Then Krystal saw the banner (that said, "Krystal and Zach Together Forever") and the music box that was playing the hideous love music. Then Zach made a rash and spontaneous decision. He planted a kiss right on Krystal's cheek. She looked surprised, then happy, then embarrassed, then pink. You could tell Krystal was really happy, and that made me happy.