Where I tread

Diasaster fills my footsteps

A purple curse smeared 'cross my

Forehead into the sharpest relief

Tosses my most battered status

as a desperate infidel

Despite my affectionate and better intentions

Jealous and angry tides here swell.

What have I done to invoke your anger?

Jealousy arouses 'round threat percieved

Careful was I to be friendly only

Indebted, enveloped in the illest of cycles

Only for drunks and guttersnipes fit.

Pile misfortunes upon each other

Fly from your seat to slander my name

Inside this waxy exoskeleton sitting

A delicate princess who here pronounces

Your emotions untempered

Unlike your body

Sticks and stones strike to the

Deafness of

This sick and lovesick

Loathed insect

Hope to God you'd aim to kill.

Unbeknownst to the slingers of redicule

their basis in self dost simply lie

In the mind of hero's acclaimed treasure

Libels arise from his silvertongued "prize."

Vanity, current, intentions aside

Seeming trust in such a ruse

Loyalty shifts like the Sahara's Sands.

A cup's handle shatters across slick shale

Thrower contemplates betrayal

Insecurities found based in lust

Limelight illuminates great mistrust.

Soft soles patter against the ground, gather pieces

A faeries sympathic wing brushes

My face lifted to the moon

Yells of defiant action

I sing.