The sun was shining,

The sky was blue.

The grass was green

And children were playing.

It seemed like a happy time,

No one would ever assume

A murder took place.

I was seven at the time,

Playing outside with my sister, Angie.

She was ten.

She was the best.

Angie played hide-and-seek every day after school.

We would play with the neighborhood kids,

In the park.

We would play until dark.

Except one night it got dark early.

All the kids went home early,

Except us.

Mommy said she was coming to get us.

We waited,

And waited.

Mommy didn't come.

Angie went to play in the sandbox.

I waited, sitting on the swing.

The cold air blew against my soft face.

I waited for Mommy,

I knew she would come.

Mommy always came.

Then it began to get darker.

I stil sat on that cold swing, waiting.

My nose started running,

I wiped it on my shirt.

I sat and waited,

Beginning to feel impatient.

Was Mommy coming?

As I sat on my swing, waiting,

I didn't notice that Angie had dissapeared.

Where did she go?

"Angie!" I called.

She didn't answer.

I sat alone in the park.

I was beginning to get scared.

I got off the swing and ran into the woods.

I wanted to hide.

I didn't want to dissapear,

Not like Angie did.

I hid under the slide.

I started to get tired.

Eventually I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning.

I was in bed.

Mommy told me Angie was murdered.

I didn't know that word,

But I thought it had to do with

The night before.

The night in the park.