are you my midnight-orange teacup?

just a sip.

my drippy summer popsticle,

my silent modern-art stargazer

on the way to "The End".

the first bite of chocolate

from my secret stash,

the waves

and fog

and rain

"hold me"

"i thought you like storms"

"i do"

are you my midnight-orange teacup?

the flashlight under my pillow,

my random shopping cart.

my half-dimmed lights,

my developing picture.

i cannot always stop

my demented mind from rambling

into a roto-dial phone

about how, just once,

I'd like to kiss you.

a/n: if you like it, or even if u don't just lemme know what u think. constructive criticism, fav line, some meaning u got out of it, whatever. ty.