For you I wait

At night,

Crystal diamonds,

Moisten my cheeks,

And sting my


As they start to heal,

Just to be reopened,

By your harsh,


Is it wrong

To be a dreamer?

To look out the window,


In the fantasies,

Of you and me?

Is it wrong,

To love?

And not be

Loved back?

To constantly wait,

To hear my name,

Spoken from your lips?

Is it wrong

To feel?

To feel the pain,

You give me,

Like shards of glass,

Plunging deep

Into my heart,

As it starts to


Is it wrong

To hope?

That someday,

You will realize,

How much you mean to me,

And love me,

So I may call you mine?

And so I wait,

For your love,

With dreams of you

And me,

To hear you murmur,

Those three meaningful


And so for you,

I wait.