Ashes for Beauty

Walking this walk so many times

I've stumbled, I've fallen, I've been very blind

And the pain fails to cease

Yet succeeds in becoming stronger

And I tire

And I'm worn

Cause I've been here before.

And unknowingly yet some how deliberately taking this path

I'm the one who decides how long it shall last.

To strip myself bare

And to tear down the walls

Creates a fear within

That I'm going to fall.

But alas I discover

The Divine Love and Power

A name that Conquers all.

A hope and faith even though small

Gives me the strength

To take a step forward.

I turn from the ruins

For I see beauty at the end of perseverance.

Finding belief, receiving truth

There I trade my ashes for beauty.

And now when I sleep at night

And rise in the morn

I can smile and be at peace

For there are ashes no more.