Dream of Roses

I dreamt of a rose garden…

A safe harbor of refuge
Sunny and beautiful

The garden of a friend
I did not know
At the time of dreaming

Yet now…

A meeting of mutual conspirators
Of smiles and French
From a phrasebook

Still brother knows little of me
Save a gift of lions and roses

And I wonder

If he truly offers
his refuge of sunny secrets
In a gardenful of laughter

And safe passage across the ocean
to my husband...

the home of my heart.

Este favor no pediré
tres palabras
mi paso seguro

solamente yo iré
Porque gritaré
delante de tú..

Je suis effrayé...
Et c'est mon courage.

parce que...je sourirai

To save one life is to save the world entire... -Talmud.