Chapter 1: Prelude and Misfortunes


Georgianna Wyrich was a girl of twelve when Francis Mauner- a nobleman- first laid eyes on her. She was a peasant- her Father was the local drunk, who beat and raped his wife. Georgianna was spared from these events by her kind mother's insistence that the girl go out to play whenever a confrontation between her father and mother arose.

Francis Mauner was the second-born son of the Lord of the Manor- the Duke of Hampton. His eldest brother James had just been engaged to the daughter of another nobleman. Therefore, Francis could marry who he chose to marry. And when he saw Georgianna, he knew that the girl with dark-blonde curls whose laugh was a song only to be compared to angels would be his wife. He didn't know how, but he refused to marry any other girl and he even took a vow before the grave of his mother. "I, Francis Henry Mauner, do vow, before the Lord God Almighty and the grave of my Mother-may she rest in peace- to wed no other woman but Georgianna Wyrich, the daughter of the peasant man, Edward Wyrich. Amen." He raised his head to the sky and said silently. "I will have her." And so began his three-year endeavor.

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