Dream Catcher

It works

If you believe in it

It won't

If you don't

It is said

That it will allow the good dreams through its holes

But the bad dreams will get caught in the intricate web

And not reach you

That's how it's supposed to work

I believe in it when I have it on

And no bad dreams reach me

I take it off

And the world falls down around me

I take it off in the morning and face the day

I think of how the day will be

As I ride up

Going through the motions

Going through the day

Think about the day going home

And how unlike my hopes it was

From the beginning of the day

But after getting home

And doing all the homework

I sit

I wait

Watch one movie and cry

Stare at the Dream Catcher

Trying to sort out feelings

It's not working

I'm only becoming depressed

Listen to music to feel better

Not working well

Put the Dream Catcher back on

And hope it keeps out all the bad thoughts and dreams

But it can't keep out the pain

Not the pain that's inside

But it can keep out the bad dreams

The ones that will plague my sleep

And keep me up

But it will work

It has to work

Just as long as I believe it does