My sentimental boots splash in puddles of pain, the cruel droplets of hurt water surge up and stain;

My best jeans, the ones with the tear, down at the knees, my favourite pair;

They resemble me in so many ways, with the faded colors and countless frays;

And with these pants I always wear, a black shirt that reads "No one cares";

There are no letters for you to see but look through the cloth and inside me;

You can spot as clear as day what's locked inside and caused this pain;

It's what she did with no remorse, I won't cry, but I'll do worse;

I really care, I swear I do, just like my socks inside my shoes;

Unable to notice but if I come in your home, I can remove these things and leave them alone;

My now vengeful boots, I put them aside, resentful tongues pulled up, laces of rage untied;

Finally able to change these clothes: New shirt of love and pants of hope.