AUTHOR'S NOTE: Warning: this is kind of gruesome and VERY morbid. It is an analogy to To Kill A Mockingbird and based on a true event, but the story is still mine. For more information on the actual event, please contact me and I'll be happy to tell you. Read it, Review it, and most importantly, enjoy it!

Dark Wings

There used to be an insane asylum there. Right there, on that empty lot. It was filled with muttering, drooling patients who laughed crazy laughs and screamed in the night. The kids and I used to imagine that the lunatic doctors tortured their patients, and that's why they screamed. We made up all sorts of terrifying stories about the people who lived there; it was great fun, all a game to us. It took up most of our spare time - we would take turns being the doctor and the patient, and sometimes we got pretty creative.

But then someone working late left a cigarette sitting on a table, and the whole place burned down. With the patients inside, trapped in their straight jackets and padded rooms. All those crazy people, the laughers and the screamers and the droolers, they all died that night. The gut-wrenching screams were terrible, but even worse was the laughter that billowed out of the flames like smoke. The laughter was deranged, perverted from its original purpose of conveying happiness. Instead it created fear.

The firemen got there too late to save anyone, and they all burned to death, laughing and screaming. Ashes floated from the sky like the angel's tears, but fear, not hope, hovered on dark wings that night.

And now, the ashes that remain are somehow more horrifying than the gray cement building that once stood there. The skeleton of the building still stands, and it seems to leer crazily at the rest of the some reason, its always cold there, even when you walk by in the middle of August. No one has ever had the idea to build some other building there, but even if they did, I doubt they would have the guts to try it. And if they did try it, I seriously disbelieve that they would be able to finish it.

Also, you don't ever want to pass by there at night, because many, many people swear that they've seen ghosts. As for me, I've never seen one. But I know without a doubt that they are there.

Even worse than the spectral remains of the once - lively patients, though, is that crazy laugh that echoes across the ashes and burned stones, lingering in the shadow of the moon.