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A Stalker? Watching Me? No Way.
Chapter Two.

So here I am, once again, writing back to 'Me'; not knowing if it was a prank or not.

The only difference was that it was 9.37am, not 8.00am.

I decided to scribble anything, seeing as this could just be a joke. But if it wasn't…well, that's just too bad.


Well, that's a relief to know we both hate my sister. What I don't understand it why you're watching me. I would think this is stalking, really. What do I also don't know is why you're watching me if it isn't for…uh… sexual purposes. And who are you, anyways? Do have any other names besides 'me'? Wow, so many questions. Anyways…bye!


I placed it into an envelope, and placed it onto my bed. I walked out, without stealing another glance.

I knew it was just a matter of minutes before he or she responded.

I'm guessing they wouldn't want to be seen. Isn't that the purpose of stalking? To watch someone without being seen? But why were they stalking me, anyways?

I walked past the kitchen, right when the hunger in the bottom of my stomach gnawed at me.

I did actually eat; I didn't care if I gained. I just didn't have enough time to eat in the morning. Ever since 8th grade, really. I was just too lazy to get up earlier, and it's now become a habit.

I walked in, and popped two waffles into the toaster.

Not any waffles, oh no.

Chocolate chip waffles!

I wonder if 'me' can see me.

I must snap myself out of this.

I don't even know this person and already I feel connected.

I'm delusional, I think.

Thinking about this, by instinct, I started toward the stairs.

I stopped soon after I started.

I glanced at the clock.

Damn, it's only been 5 minutes.

Didn't it take 'me' that long before?

I pondered this, until a burning stench snapped me back to reality.


I immediately popped them up, only saving one of them.

The one I didn't save was completely black.

The other one was…edible.

I threw the burnt one away, peering at my toaster.

It saved one and burned the other. How crazy is that?

I couldn't take it anymore.

I was never known as patient. Never.

I ran upstairs, leaving the waffle downstairs.

I was panting lightly by the time I got there.

I swung the door open, and almost immediately felt a cool breeze spray among my face.

I looked at the window at impulse, seeing as that would be the only reasonable cause for wind.

It was open.

And I didn't recall leaving it open.

Which meant the person came.

Was he still here?

I ripped my eyes away from the window, peering at my bed.

There was another letter.

My heart skipped a beat.

I think I'm going crazy.

The letter was in any cover this time.

I guess I didn't give them enough time, or they wanted to give the letter back very quickly, so they didn't enclose it in anything.

As I got closer, I realized it wasn't just a folded paper lying on my bed covers.

It was an envelope.

With stuff written all over it.

But it wasn't in words; it was in numbers and symbols, to give the impression it wasn't an envelope.

Pretty smart.

Or maybe they ran out of paper.


I picked it up, and made a mental note to decode it later. How, I had no idea. But I would. Maybe it was a font on the computer.

How they translated it so fast, I have no idea.

I opened the cover, careful not to rip it, so I could take a better look at it later.

The letter read:


Sure, you can call it stalking. And I do possess your favourite guy name- Jimmy. Why you like it is beyond me. You seem to like simple things, so that's my best guess. I can't tell you why I'm watching you, not yet at least. But one day, perhaps I'll tell you. Yes, one day. But rest assured, I do not watch you for sexual reasons. I can't really tell you who I am, either. It's not because you'll try to figure out who I am, because I know you won't. You'll find out what I'm like, don't worry. Good luck figuring out the codes. It wasn't hard to write. You need think a bit, and follow instinct. Hopefully you'll figure it out at the perfect time. For now, this is a good-bye. Write to me soon.



Gee, this guy knew he was my stalker.

Maybe I have something they want.

Problem is, I don't know what it is. I never really thought I had things people might want. I was completely average, or so I thought.

And I still don't know if this is a prank.

I guess I should write that.

But I'm glad I know this person is named Jimmy, and is a guy.

Who knows if that really is his name?

I'm giving way too much thought to this.

Jimmy; (if that really is your name),

Ok… I have a stalker. Very strange indeed. At least you have a great name! JIMMY! You're right- I do like simple things, which is why I hate math. I'm guessing you know that, too. I guess I'm supposed to get to know you, through these…letters, you could call them. Just dandy. And what do you mean 'Hopefully you'll figure it out at the perfect time'? What's that supposed to mean? Do you have e-mail? It'd be faster to talk through instant messaging. And I still don't know if this is a prank.

P.S- Why do you keep putting 'Love; Jimmy' at the end?

I reread why I wrote, and decided to hide it.

If he really was a stalker, he'd find it lickety-split.

I hid it, and ran downstairs.

To the computer, really.

I was addicted to the computer, or so as people thought of me.

I logged on, thinking I'd be the only one online.

I was wrong.

My whole class was on, even Cherelle. She rarely comes on. She's usually dancing.

I scanned my list quickly, to see if I wanted to talk to anyone.

Usually I'd talk to Cherelle, but I really wasn't in the mood.

I didn't know if I should tell Cherelle about Jimmy.

She might freak out.

My mind kept drifting to Jimmy, thinking about if he'd add me. Did he even know my e-mail?

I'm guessing not.

That is, until a window popped has added you. Will you allow him/her to see if you're online, and be able to message you, or block him/her?'

I was a little shocked.

Could it be him?

How'd he know my e-mail? I never told him! I never said it aloud either.

And it hasn't even been a minute since I wrote the letter and left it.

I didn't if I should accept.

But I finally did, hesitantly.

Right after I accepted, a conversation window popped up.

I thought it was Cherelle.

Wrong again.

I blinked, and read msn name.


Uh oh.

I read what he said.

Jimmy says:

Another hint of advice, Rachel- I saw you hiding the letter. Don't, it slows my response time. And hiding it under a pile of clothes isn't so creative. I know you're creative- try harder.

My mouth gaped open.

I wasn't scared, just surprised.

How could he break into my room?

My window!

I should lock it.

Rachel says:

Err…hello Jimmy. There really isn't a place to hide things in my room, considering you can break into it, you'd know everything in there.

Happy with my response, I waited.

I was still pondering whether I should message Cherelle and tell her.

I scanned my list for her name, and found it.

Right when I clicked her, she logged off.

A conspiracy, I tell you.

Jimmy says:

I'm not breaking in. You leave your window open. Anyone could crawl in.

Gee, this guy wasn't so nice.

Maybe he was the guy who broke into our school, too. It seems he has a knack for breaking into places.

Rachel says:

Yea, and that thing was just you, am I right?

Jimmy says:

Yes, it just happens so. And I wasn't the guy who broke into your school. Well, Rachel, what're you up to?

I stared at the screen.

The guy just decides to act like he did nothing?

I'd probably do the same thing.

Rachel says:

Well, if you count talking to your supposed stalker nothing, then I guess nothing.

Jimmy says:

Although you can't see me, I'm laughing. I guess I'm doing nothing either. So tell me about yourself.

I stared at the screen again.

What was I supposed to tell him?

It seemed to me he knew everything about me!

Rachel says:

What should I tell you? It seems like you already know everything there is to know about me. Tell me about you.

I doubted he really would.

If he wasn't willing on paper, then on the Internet? No, that was just crazy.

Jimmy says:

Rachel, you should put a picture of yourself for your display picture. Your pretty face should be shown.

I frowned. This guy was trying to change the subject.

And I never put my picture on as a display picture. Never.

Rachel says:

Uh…I gotta go. I'll talk to you later.

I needed to calm down. I wasn't going to log off, just block him.

He couldn't tell the difference, could he?

I needed someone to talk to.

Jimmy says:

Rachel, blocking me will do nothing. And please don't tell anyone about me, I want this to be only between you and I. Don't worry, I won't do anything bad for you. I only want what's best for you. But if you must go- I'll be waiting. I'll wait until you talk once more to me.

I sat there, dumbfounded.

What was I to do?

I guess I shouldn't block him, and tell no one, since he wasn't a pervert.

Rachel says:

Fine- I won't tell anyone, and I won't block you. Provided you tell me a bit about you.

I was happy. That would satisfy my curiosity for now.

I waited for his reply.

Jimmy says:

Do I have to? I'd prefer if you got to know me through talking to me. If you can tell me three characteristics about me that I'd agree with, then I'll add three more. Deal?

Sure, why not?

I'd get to know him better, so I thought.

Rachel says:

Ok, here goes. One- You're not a pervert. Two- You seem friendly enough. And three-You stalk me.

Jimmy says:

Tsk, tsk Rachel. I said characteristics, not a short description. But I'll give you credit for the first. I'm not a pervert. Try again.

I described him? Well- he barely told me anything, so what could I write?

Rachel says:

Ok, one down, two to go. You're nice? Will you accept that?

Jimmy says:

Sure, I'll accept it. One more, Rachel. Think hard.

I did what he said; I thought hard.

What could I say?

Observant! He watches me, doesn't he?

Rachel says:

How about observant?

I sat and waited, hoping.

Jimmy says:

Tell me how I'm observant.

Rachel says:

Well, you watch me. You watch everything I do, or so you say. Then you draw conclusions. Good enough?

Jimmy says:

Doesn't that mean I'm analytical?

He was right.

Rachel says:

I guess so. So you're analytical, then.

Jimmy says:

So there's my first trait I was to tell you.

Rachel says:

But I drew that conclusion!

Jimmy says:

We both did, it counts for the both of us.

I sighed. There didn't seem like I could win with him.

So I just agreed.

Rachel says:

Fine, fine. Tell me two more.

Jimmy says:

Well, I prefer to be in control of things. And- nice posters, I like that type of music too.

Well, at least he has good taste in music.

Rachel says:

Ok. That seems good enough.

I logged off, not wanting to talk anymore.

I knew I disappointed him.

But for now it was 10am. I was tired, so I went up to my room, and climbed into bed.

I reached for the letter Jimmy wrote, a new one.

I decided I was too tired to read it, and put it aside, making sure to hide so no one would find it.

The last thing I needed was Jasmine seeing it and taunting me with it. Or blackmailing me with it.

I crawled under the covers, and drifted off into a dreamless state.