An Untold Obsession

By: Goddess of the Writings

Prologue: Meeting Amelia Atria Talhal

"Amelia, get your butt out of that bed that I know you are still hugging; we have to go to school ASAP." yelled Mathal as he stood at the front entrance of the house that they lived in with their parents: Mr. and Mrs. Talhal. (After waiting for six minutes, Mathal went into his sisters' room to find that she was standing in front of her mirror having second doubts about the lime green v-neck top with the black skater pants she was wearing.

"Oh, hello Mattie. I got a quick question; do you think this out fit looks good on me and also describes me as 'I may look like a prep chick on the outside, but I'm an Outcasted Punk on the inside."

(Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking; she is Preppy all the way. But let me tell you all something first: I'm NOT nor ever well be a Prep. I'm an Outcast punk/skater chick, who just happens to be 5'9, dark auburn hair color, dark green eye color that has a small hazel around the edges, a sixteen year old girl, and a sophomore at Loyalty High School. I also have a secret that my parents and brother don't even know about. But for some strange reason I'll tell you all what it is: I, Amelia Atria Talhal has a small obsession on every Goth dude that I see. Yeah, I know what you all are saying which is: Yeah, a big shocker there. Every girl has sometimes had a crush on a Goth before. But I'm seriously not like all those other self-observed preps. I seriously have a major thing for Goth dudes. So to prove my point about my obsession on Goths; I'll tell you about the time that I first met one.)

(A/N: I hope that you all like the prologue of the story. Also it is not the same as the author Jaskey's: A Dark Obsession, but the idea of An Untold Obsession. (I encourage people to read Jaskey's story.) Lastly, please read and review if you thing that I should get started on the first chapter of it. Thanks.)