The Dive

As I stand on the starting block,

Waiting for the whistle to be blown

I am focused on only my goal, my destination.

That 50 metre swim;

To the end and back.

I am feeling tense.

I hear the word "ready" being called out

And grab onto the front of the block with both hands,

Not too tightly,

Not too loosely.

My feet are side by side on the front of the block.

My toes touch the palms of my hands.

I begin to sweat a nervous sweat.

I know that whistle blow is coming

Any second now.

All that is in my mind

Is waiting for the sounding of the whistle

And the dive.

I am prepared for that long, shallow dive.

The one that lets me either win or lose the race.

The more I think, the more pressure I feel.

I clear my mind of negativity,

Fill my mind with positive thoughts.

Not mainly of winning

Just of making it back

The fastest I can.

Then the whistle blows

And I am immersed in water.