I was in English class and there was no sign of Ryan. The class was almost halfway through. I could imagine the knife cutting Ms. Wilson's skin; digging into her neck until it was through her aorta. I shook my head, trying to shake the pictures out of my mind. Get out! Get out!

"Get out!"

"Excuse me?" Mr. Larkin asked. Uh oh. Did I say that out loud?

"Umm, it's a line for a skit I'm doing in Drama." I lied, smiling shyly. "I just wanted to practice, I'm sorry." I flashed the Smile again. The one that my friends love.

"Well, could you please practice in your head?" He asked, looking at a pile of paper on his desk, scribbling something on a piece of paper.

"Sure," I said quietly, knowing he wasn't listening.

We were learning about a bunch of boring crap in English. It was so easy. I finished early and couldn't help but wonder where Ryan was. I had really seen a new side to that guy today. A side that really scared me. I had to find him.

I raised my hand and kind of waved it around to get Mr. L's attention. Thankfully, my plan worked, I lied and told him I had to go to the portable to get my Music book. I told him I left it when I was helping Ms. Wilson. I did have Music next period, but I did not leave it in Math class. Oh well, Mr. Larkin wasn't that observant.

I slowly made my way out of the classroom, looking through the halls for teachers-or Ryan. I snuck up to the third floor to my locker where I had actually left my Music book.

"fourteen, twenty nine, two." I said to myself as I turned the dile on the lock. I was surprised to see a piece of paper fall out of my locker when I opened it. I picked it up and started to read.

Hello Joanna, it is me. Ryan. The so called "nerd". You know? The one you and your ditzy little popular friends spread rumours about? Well guess what? Your Math teacher is safe- for the time being. Don't even try to get into the portable, it's locked and I have the key. Remember, if you tell a single soul about this you are dead. You hear me in that tiny brain of yours? Hmm? I've got a knife...

Sincerely, Ryan. Love you Joanna you stupid little... well nevermind. Haha! Kiss kiss!

Was this some stupid joke? God, he is an idiot, that Ryan. If I knew where he was I'd, I'd-

"Excuse me, young lady." A man's voice said.

Uh oh.

I turned around and smiled at Mr. Saunders, the principal.

"And why might a young lady like you be at your locker during class time? Hmm?" Said Mr. Nosy (Haha.)

"Oh, I forgot my books and I asked my teacher and he said it would be fine so I thought that maybe-" I panicked. I took a deep breath and waited for something bad to happen.

"Oh, as long as you were allowed." He replied. "Now hurry, get back to class." I smiled. He stared coldy at me. Wow, scary. I thought. I got my music book and put Ryan's note in my pocket. I had to find that guy- soon.

I ran through the halls- well, actually I crept through the halls- until I found the door. It was the door leading to the back of the school where the portable was. I ran out and tried to turn the knob. Darn it, Ryan was telling the truth. That psycho murderer nerd. This is the weirdest day ever. I grabbed a pen out of my purse and attempted to pick the lock, and failed. I went around to the back of the portable, hoping the other door was unlocked. It never was. Today was no exception. Ryan had done a great job of hiding her, the windows were locked as well, and the curtains were down. Geez, this guy was good.

I ran back into the school, being cautious of the noise level. No one could hear me or else I had lots of lies to make up. That's for sure. Stupid Ryan and his stupid grudges.

While I was "getting my music book" I decided to look around for Ryan. Was he in English yet?

I eventually gave up my search and decided to head back to class. So much for that. Well, at least I knew where Ms. Wilson was. Gosh, I hoped she was alright.

The bell rang just as I got back to class. I saw Ryan, he smiled an evil smile at me as he exited the classroom (and as I entered). I ran to my desk and grabbed my books and pencil case. Music time!