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When we got to the math office, I handed Mrs. Xu the key and followed Ms. Wilson to a big room with tons of plates and bowls of food. I think I was in heaven.

"Woah..." I said, looking around in awe.

"Oh, this is the staff cafeteria area. It's an extension of the cafe the students eat at." She explained.

"Oooh, cool!" I said in amazement. It was huge, and I had never even known it existed.

"Want me to let you in on a little secret?" Ms. Wilson asked. I nodded. "The food is fresher here. You kids get the leftovers!" That was bittersweet news. I was happy to be eating the best, but I couldn't imagine having to eat leftovers, as she put it.

I ended up eating a lot. I had two types of pasta, a garden salad, a chocolate milk and for desert: A piece of blueberry pie! Once I finished eating, I got up from the table and walked around. I came to a door that I assumed lead to the main cafeteria. I pushed open the door and took a look around. I saw tons of kids sitting at tables talking to each other. I scanned the crowd until my eyes were met by Ryan's. His pop bottle glasses covered his cold, blue-grey eyes that were staring at me. A second later, he turned his head, pulled a pencil out of his backpack and stuck it behind his ear. Ughh, he disgusts me. He pretends to be an innocent nerd who has no friends, when he is actually a creepy teacher-obsessor who has no friends. (If that even makes any sense.) I closed the cafeteria door and went back into what I like to call the "upper-class cafeteria". I looked around until I spotted Ms. W, who was in a conversation with another teacher. I walked around a bit, waiting for them to finish, and after I walked up to Ms. Wilson.

"Hello Joanna." She greeted me with a smile on her face. I don't get it, I just don't. How can someone cover all that up? Everything that happened, maybe... An hour earlier?

"Umm, I was just wondering if I could talk to you in your office for a minute. If you're not too busy?" I knew Ryan was onto me by the evil look he gave me a minute ago in the cafe. I wanted to ask whether she would like something to be done about Ryan. Should I tell the office?

"Is after school okay with you?" She asked. I agreed. 3:10 sharp I would be there. I went out through the math office - so I wouldn't have to look in Ryan's creepy eyes again - and slowly walked to my locker. I had twenty minutes until French class which was really close. I turned the lock carefully. Twenty-two... Nine... Fourteen. I thought as I opened the lock. I pulled the lock open after the last number and opened the locker door to find notes falling out. I picked one up. It read:

Dear Joanna,

I know of your plan to tell on me,
But it will not work, you see?
For I am the mastermind,
Who is very determined to keep my plan alive.
A fool such as you will not ruin this plan
Because I am smarter than the average young man.
I saw you in the cafeteria today,
And your thoughts were obviously plastered all over your face.
You think I am a nerd; a real weirdo,
But it's okay, I know you're a bit slow!
Goodbye dear Joanna,
Good luck with Plan A.
You'll have to figure out B,
If you want a chance to outsmart me!
Your nerdy foe, Ryan

I knew this was not good. I knew the rest of the notes would be along the same line of creepyness, so I decided not to even open them. At first I wanted to take all Ryan's stupid letters and throw them in the trash, but I decided not to. Instead, I scooped them up and tucked them in my backpack's side pocket. I planned to show them to Ms. Wilson after school.

As I had just finished getting out my stuff for French, and was closing the locker, I felt someone grab my shoulders. I screamed very loudly.

"Let go of me, you creep!" I screamed. I couldn't believe Ryan would do this!
"Whoa, whoa girl! Calm down!" It was Sasha.

"Oh, sorry. I thought you were someone else." I sighed a breath of relief.

"Obviously." Sasha replied. "What's up with you today? You've been acting strange." I turned my head and closed the locker door. Sasha didn't like being ignored.

"Come on, Jo! What's up? I promise I won't tell anyone. Having boy problems? Huh?"

"Sort of..." I replied, and walked away. Sasha stood there looking clueless.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"French. Bye." I answered without turning my head back. I didn't want to get into any big conversation. Sasha is the type of person who would worries about you way too much and wants to know everything. If I did tell her, by the end of school the entire school would know - including Ryan. I turned down the language hall until I ended up at room 116: French class.