author's note: woot for my first multiple chapter fic. I'll update as often as I can. I already have and idea for the next chapter, so it should be soon. Yes, there is going to be slash. Lots of guy and guy actiony action. I'm rating it M. Nothing special in this chapter but there will be lots more to come. so...yea...

So without further ado...

Violent Playground

Part: ONE
Welcome Home (for the umpteenth time)

Dear Diary,

This is my first entry in a new book and a new place so I might as well describe my current situation…

The blue light of the alarm clock shone down on the brand new pages of a brand new journal in the brand new home of a very sad and worn out boy. This boy we will come to know as Joey Tobin,

I find myself in yet another home. This one is exactly the same as every other one I've come across so far, yet somehow it seems special, not quite the same as the past ones. It's all the same story, though. I was brought to the house by Penny Gallagher, my social worker and introduced to Iris and Paul McManus, and their adopted son Criss. The parents seem nice, but so didn't the other three thousand that "couldn't take care of me anymore".

Criss on the other hand, really stuck out to me. He was about my age and seemed to be built perfectly. He was skinny, but not too skinny, and he had a bit of muscle to him from what I could see under the black tee-shirt. He was also wearing fairly baggy black jeans with some straps and chains to them and a little color stuck in there, black sneakers, and long arm warmers that matched his pants perfectly. His hair was a normal shade of red with a few black strands and a few blood red strands to make it interesting. It was long, but not too long, it was all kinds of lengths and his bangs hung over his eyes but under them you could still see his ice blue eyes.

I couldn't help but smile when I first saw him. I hadn't dressed like that since I had lived back in that crazy town with my crazy parents. Criss reminded me of all the kids back at my hometown that we called the Glory Bridge Kids. We were named for the mall we hung out at every night and we ranged from as "freakish" or as "normal" you could possibly be as far as we go. You couldn't really call us a click because there were just too many of us and we never really set a law or anything for whom to hang out with. You just knew who you knew and there were a few including myself that knew literally everyone.

The boy sighed deeply at the old memories rushing into his mind.

The Glory Bridge Mall was my home and the kids named for it were my family. There was always someone there so I'd always have someone to hang out with and If I needed a place to stay there'd always be someone who would take me in. I loved my friends.

Memories of his original house and "family" then threatened to intrude on the painfully missed ones and Joey continued to write pushing away the memories of life before he stepped into Penny Gallagher's office with all of his stuff.

He dresses like a Glory Bridge kid, but not just any GB kid. He has his particular style. It's very much like… (Joey swallowed more depressing memories) … the way I used to dress.

Joey wrote down the date and time underneath his entry and placed the journal back in his bag. He rolled on to his back and stared at the ceiling, which proved a perfect screen to project his thoughts against.

He got up and opened up his laptop. The first thing he did was press play on WMP and then went to his pictures. He looked back at all the pictures of Ryan, his best friend all the other Glory Bridge Kids. He got lost in a trance of old memories and laughed back tears as he looked at the picture of Ryan pretending to sleep, balancing on a jersey barrier. He hadn't heard from any of them since he moved in with Gertrude, another foster mother with a thousand adopted children and a devout Catholic background. She deleted his MySpace and burned his old wardrobe and bought him all new clothes, many of which were dress pants and collared shirt that were shredded and safety-pinned back together in short order. It wasn't that Joey didn't like them, he was just mad that she burned some things that held more than sentimental value to them and some pants and hats that he'd been adding patches and what not to for years. He got out of there as fast as he could, but lost his address book and all traces of his friends and his old identity.

A knock on the door knocked Joey out of his trance. His defenses went up ready to tell his new foster parents that he didn't need any more help when he looked up and saw Criss.

"Mind if I come in?"

Joey nodded and Criss stepped into the room.

"How are you doing? Settle in okay?"

"F 'rents put you up to this?"

"F 'rents?"

"Well, "'rents" is short for parents. The F is stands for foster. They would be you're A 'rents seeing as though they adopted you. If you go back to your real parents before the disowned you-"

"My parents were murdered…"

"I'm sorry, if you go back to your real parents before they got murdered, they'd be your 'rents, and your grandparents would be your G 'rents."

"Ok, very interesting, no my A 'rents did not put me up to this. I was curious, and I care." He flipped his hair out of his eyes as he smiled. Joey smiled back. He couldn't help it. Criss was perfect. Joey fought the urge to kiss him then shuddered at the thought of kissing another guy. Joey broke out of his gaze and glanced back at his computer. Criss looked at the screen.

"Looking up hot guys online?" Criss laughed.

"No, this was my best friend Ryan from way back when."

"He's cute. Is this recent? How old is he?"

"16 like me. We're 4 months and 19 days apart."

"Oh, do you like him, or can I have him?"

"I'm not gay, go for him."

"Oh sorry, I'm probably creeping you out."

"No its ok, Ryan's gay actually so I got used to it." Joey smiled and Criss laughed.

"Is that really what he looks like?"

"No, I don't know. This was back when I lived with my parents, about a year and a half ago."

"Does he have a MySpace?"

"Last time I heard, but that hasn't been for a year or so. That's when I was with this crazy lady who turned me into what you see here. She burned my clothes and deleted my MySpace." Joey opened up a picture of him sitting with Ryan and a tall girl with blonde hair and black tips that blended with her trench coat.

"Whoa! Is that you?"

"Yea, scary huh?"

"Wait. Are you guys at the Glory Bridge Mall?"

"Yea you know it? It's almost an hour from here."

"Of course I do its only the coolest mall ever!"

"I lived in that town and Iused to go every Friday night to hang out with friends."

"Nice. I've been there a couple times to do shopping and stuff, but never on a Friday night. I love the architecture. Its just crazy."

"Yea." Again, Joey was swamped with memories.

"Hey, you want to go on my computer and look for Ryan's MySpace?"

"Eh, I was thinking about just going to bed."

"Yea, you're right. I shouldn't keep you awake. I'll see you in the morning then."

"Right, Good Night."


Joey closed his laptop and set it on the table next to his bed. He lay down and pulled the covers over his head. His head pounded with the old thought and memories until sleep finally convinced them to give it a rest.