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The Star Drifter

Ship's Log 3009/25th/3

Day 1.-Start

Of the 200 or so participants, only about 40 or so have made it past the initial speed boosting phase. The first speed orbits of Earth are always hardest. Every year, the inexperienced sun-sailors lose control of their rigs, incapacitating them, and any unlucky souls to have been included.

Just left the shadow of Earth. Speed: 50,000mph.

Should near the moon in 3 and a half days, gaining speed all the while.

Report back when we reach the moon.


The Star Drifter

Ship's Log 3009/28th/3

Day 3.-Approach

Approaching the Moon. Critical point. Need to be in the "sling zone," so we don't either crash into the moon or fly out into outer space.

Moon bases have their telescopes trained on us, or so we were told. Near the front of the racers. Need to make final adjustments.


The Star Drifter

Ship's Log 3009/29th/3

Day 4-Return

We've made the 180 turn. Heading back to Earth.

2 Teams died plunging into the Moon.

Now we need speed. We'll need to start turning the

"This was all that was beamed back ma'am. They seem to have just…vanished."


"Yes. The sun-sailors around The Star Drifter recorded an anomaly in space itself. The sun-sailors described it as a…ripple, and soon thereafter, They claim that The Star Drifter disappeared off their radar. Everybody is accounted for except for The Star Drifter."

::Radio crackles:: Down to the base now! We've discovered something extraordinary!