Author's Note: I know, I know... Another damn story. This just came to me a couple of days ago and I've been debating whether or not to post it or not. Honestly, I'm not too sure how great this is going to be, but people that have been reading 'Snapshots of Broken Lovesongs' seem to be a fan of these two so I'll take my chances. I think it'll be another of these five-or-six chapter stories I seem to be doing recently.

This is a spin-off from 'Snapshots of Broken Lovesongs' and is really just the back-story to Taylor and Jamie. I hope you enjoy! Please do send any constructive criticism or advice you have my way- I'm always open to some. xx

Chapter One


It's the same thing every time. Same people. Same music. It just makes this game all the more difficult. And I do so enjoy a challenge...

I let my eyes scan the sea of teeming bodies, writhing to the bass-heavy beat of the club music pounding through their veins. The selection is somewhat disappointing; pickings are slim tonight, so it seems. And then, there, I see a glimmer of potential smack in the middle of the dance-floor. Midnight-black hair flows past his ears and cover eyes that are, without a doubt, as dark as night as I see his head bobbing to the music, twisting his body to the beat in a clearly seductive manner. His movements have not gone unnoticed by anyone around him, and I see hungry eyes roaming over his form. I know I have to move fast.

By the time I make my way over to him, he's dancing with some guy I've had before and who, even if I allowed myself to have second times, wouldn't have done again anyway. I'm sure this new talent is far too good for him. With an unapologetic smirk, I slide myself between the two, pushing away the guy he was dancing with. The guy gives a rather disgruntled grunt before realising that it's me, his expression quickly changing to coy as he tries to give me a smile. I'm not interested.

"Trust me, you would have been disappointed. When he says nine inches, you have to take away three of them to get to what he's really got," I say into 'new talent's' ear.

"Oh really? And you don't disappoint?"

"Ask every man in this room- I don't disappoint."

"You've had every man in this room?" he laughs incredulously, moving back a little to look into my face.

I note, a little surprised, that he's got eyes that are such a bright shade of blue it's almost unnerving to look straight into them. So I don't.

"Anyone worth having, probably, yeah. But you- I've not seen you around before."

"I guess you could say I'"

"New to what?"

"This. Everything," he shrugs, an air of honesty around him.

I stop suddenly, peering into his face uncertainly as I ask, "-How old are you?"

"I just turned eighteen. How old are you?"

I'm surprised that he didn't lie to me. I suppose I should return the exchange of honesty too, just this once.

"Twenty seven. Twenty eight soon though- just that little bit closer to an old age pension and death," I add, somewhat bitterly, "Life ends when you hit the big three-oh."

He laughs and I can barely hear him above the thumping of the loud music in my ears. I wrap my fingers around one of his wrists and bring his hand up to my lips, flicking out my tongue and licking a wet line over one of his knuckles before drawing his index finger into my mouth and sucking on it slowly. I can practically feel his eyes burning a hole through my mouth, where his eyes are glued to the sight of me sucking teasingly on his finger. I swirl my tongue around the tip of his finger before sucking on it and letting my teeth scrape against the skin. -If he hasn't gotten the hint yet, then the kid needs to be smacked around the head with a very thick plank of wood. Or anything else that will knock it into him sufficiently.

He shudders a little as I nibble on his finger lightly, waiting for him to make a move. He finally does, pulling his finger away from me gently before peering into my face with those inescapably blue eyes again.

"Well?" he asks, looking up at me expectantly.

"Well what?"

"Well, aren't we going to take this somewhere or do you intend on biting my finger all night?"

I laugh, entwining our fingers together as I lead him through the crowd and towards the door of the club, our exit out of here. Once we finally escape the bodies and dance music, I turn to face him, pushing him up against the outside wall of the club and lean forward to crush our lips together in a heated kiss. His lips are soft and his mouth is slick and warm- he tastes sweet and alcoholic, like cocktails.

"So, what's your name?"


"I'm Taylor. Now come on- get in the car."

I motion towards the passenger-side of my Corvette and he nods, getting in without another word. The drive back to my flat is short and quiet, neither of us making any small-talk for the moment. I think we both know what this is. It's just sex and nothing more. He manages to wait until we get into the elevator before he flings himself at me, catching me off-guard which results in me being firmly pinned against the elevator wall, with Jamie virtually attacking my face with his lips. His lithe body is pressed against mine so closely that I have to wonder if the heat between us is going to fuse us together. For being new to this whole thing, the kid looks like he's going to be a handful. And I can definitely handle that.

"Nice place," he comments when we finally stumble into my apartment.

"Yeah, yeah- you can admire it in the morning. It's fucking late already and I'm horny as hell," I practically growl, grabbing him by the front of his t-shirt and yanking him towards me, our lips bumping together before I claim his.

We land on the bed moments after a somewhat clumsy semi-drunk stumble into the bedroom with clothes being ripped and shoes being kicked off. I know we've left a mess in our trail, but I really don't care. I just need a screw, and I think he does too.

"You've done this before, right?"

He nods, pulling back from our kiss just enough to answer, "Yeah. Once."

"Great. Now don't you dare say another word. I'm going fuck you until it's morning."

"-It's 3am. It is morning."

"Until it's light then. And I told you to shut up."

I help the process along by sealing my lips over his, determined to render him speechless. Like I told him before, I don't disappoint. Apparently, neither does he. The kid is an animal. I can tell from the slightly glazed look in his eyes that he's getting pretty exhausted, but he just keeps going. He's writhing and groaning unashamedly beneath me, and I can feel his fingers digging into my back. I think he's actually broken the skin, but I really could not care less. After all, why would I when I'm in the middle of some of the best sex I've had in a while? He has really made this potentially disappointing night worth it. This is definitely one trick that I'm going to remember. Hell, I'd probably do him again if it wasn't against the rules. It's almost a pity, but I guess we'll just have to keep going for all it's worth. Make the most of every minute.

The scream he lets out as he comes for the fourth time sends me toppling over the edge with him. His voice is beginning to sound hoarse and scratchy, and I love knowing that I am able to do that to him. -By the time I'm done with him, he's going to be shooting dry. Then again, by the time he's done with me, I probably will be too. And that makes it all the better.

I roll away from him, panting for breath. I never thought I'd find someone who could wear me out, but if we're going to keep going then I need a breather. Or five. I can feel my hair sticking to my forehead in an irritating way, but all my limbs feel so heavy that I don't think I could reach up to push the sweaty locks of hair away. Jamie's face appears in my hazy vision, reaching a hand out and pushing the strands of hair away from my forehead and out of my eyes.

"That all you got, old man?" he asks, a perfectly mischevious grin gracing his lips.

"Fuck you," I snarl, reaching out to pull him down to me.

"-Do you promise?" he laughs, rolling away from me and onto his stomach.

God, do I love this game. It will never grow old.