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Chapter Two


I feel like I've been run over by a sixteen-wheeler. Twice. The glaringly bright sunlight that is coming in through a window somewhere offends my eyes, which instantly begin to sting in protest. I can hear a ringing in my ears though I'm pretty sure that the room I'm in is silent. With a groan, I stretch and instantly regret it, pure aching pain shooting through every muscle in my body. Christ, I feel like shit.

When I open an eye, I'm almost surprised to see someone else's sleeping face in my line of vision. Almost surprised, but how could I forget the events of last night? Sure, it's only the second time I've done this, but it doesn't take experience to tell me that the sex was amazing. Taylor is still asleep, and I'm not going to wake him. Instead, I slowly ease myself out of bed and take the liberty of using his shower before changing back into the clothes I wore last night. I can't help but glance back at him over my shoulder. He's still out cold and I suppose he's going to be for a while yet. It's a Saturday after all, and I doubt he has anywhere he needs to go. He really is beautiful, with his almond-shaped hazel eyes and chestnut-brown hair. It isn't a surprise that he can have any man he wants. And last night, he wanted me. -I can't help but grin at that, but I quickly stop myself before I let my thoughts wander any further. It was one night of fucking, and that was it. I scribble a note on a scrap of paper I find and leave it on the kitchen table. No, I don't leave him my number or ask to see him again. I know better than that. A quick 'Thank you. Jamie' ought to suffice.

I'm careful to leave quietly, sliding the door shut behind me before I take the elevator down. I keep seeing flashes of us together in my mind. I just can't help it. I vaguely recognise this area when I step out into the street, and I quickly look around to get my bearings before I dig into the pocket of my jeans and pull out my mobile phone. I wait, listening to the ringing tone before someone picks up.

"Hey, Drew? Can you come pick me up?"

Fifteen minutes later, and Drew pulls up in his bright blue Honda Jazz. I immediately walk over to the passenger side, open the door and slide in to see Drew grinning back at me knowingly.

"So, did you have a good night?" he asks, his grin never leaving his face.

"Yes mother," I reply, rolling my eyes a little.

"If I knew you were going to become such a little party-animal, I'd never have brought you to all those clubs..." Drew muses, at which I just had to laugh.

"Bullshit! You almost threw a party when I came out; you love having someone to take clubbing. -And someone who you can tell about all your latests conquests without having to censor anything," I add as an after-thought.

"Fine... So, it's your turn now! Who was it? More importantly, how was it?" Drew asks, turning to face me with a grin.

"Jesus, Drew! Look at the damn road when you're driving!" I shriek as a wayward motorcyclist nearly drives into us.

"Sorry grandma..." Drew mutters before turning his eyes back to the road ahead of us, "And come on- spill! ...Though I'm sure you already have, many, many times..."

"Ew, Drew! But, well... He was so hot. Just...gorgeous. But he went really easy on me, the first time."

"What do you mean, 'the first time'?"

"Well...there was the first time...then the second. And the third. And the fourth. And the fif-"

"Shit...! Who the hell is this guy?"

"I didn't get his last name. Taylor something?"

Drew almost crashes the car, instead opting to let it screech to a halt by the pavement.

"Taylor? As in, Taylor Vaughn?"

"I don't know! I didn't get his last name! He was tall and lean, with chestnut hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes..."

"Taylor Vaughn," Drew nods, "-You lucky son of a bitch. He is possibly the biggest man-whore you'll ever meet, but damn if he isn't the pickiest, fussiest man-whore there is. And he chose you, eh?"

I just shrug, trying to keep the grin that threatens to appear off my face.

"Alright then, hot-stuff. Let's get you back to my place and then, we're really gonna gossip. -I want details!" Drew grins wickedly, before pulling the car back out onto the road.

Drew apparently isn't joking about wanting details. He basically makes me relive the night, much to my embarassment. However, as embarassed as I am, I'm secretly loving being able to think over the details of the night. -I know I would have anyway, but Drew's thirst for gossip just gives me an excuse to do so sooner rather than later. As I recount my tale to Drew, I can almost taste Taylor on my tongue, a sensuous blend of cigarettes and something else that I can't place. His eyes are staring hard into mine, and I can virtually feel his hands on my hips. When I close my eyes, it doesn't take long for his intoxicating scent to fill my nostrils headily and when I open them again, it lingers in my memory. But it was just one night.

I finally stop spinning my tale for Drew and flop backwards on Drew's bed with a sigh. Drew crawls up to lie next to me, smiling at me.

"Wow... Sounds as though you had an amazing night, my newly-outed dear homo."

"Yeah...but it was just one night," I can't help but sigh, a little forlornly.

"You knew what it was at the start though, didn't you? And if you didn't, I can tell you now- Taylor Vaughn does not do boyfriends, and love and all that kind of thing," Drew said gently.

"Oh, I knew it was just going to be sex, don't worry about that. I just can't help wishing..."

"Uh-oh. Stop right there, hon. Wishing can be a very, very bad thing whenever Mr Vaughn is involved. I've seen many fall victim to it, and I can't let you be one of them," Drew warned, "You're just too pretty when your heart is still intact and not a stepped-on mess all over the floor..."

I laugh, shoving Drew playfully, "Oh, shut up! I'm fine, trust me. All I want to know right now is whether we're going out tonight or not?"

"But of course! What kind of good little homo-boy would I be if I wasn't cruising for guys at clubs on a Saturday night, hmm? Call your mother and tell her you're staying another night here. -Y'know, she's going to start suspecting something sooner or later... You've been 'staying at my house' every weekend since you came out to us a month ago."

"She can suspect whatever she wants, as long as she doesn't suspect I'm gay. I don't think I could deal with that right now...especially not with the way my dad is. Eurgh, god, could you imagine that?" I shudder, dreading the thought of the day that I'd acually have to admit to my parents that their beloved boy enjoys fucking other peoples' beloved boys...

"Let's not, shall we? You don't need to worry about them anyway, or at least not for now. So, we'll just make sure we have a blast tonight and that you find yourself another hot stud to fall into bed with, k?" Drew grins.

I just laugh as Drew immediately launches into a detailed description of his own hazy night of sex. I'm so glad that I have Drew. Our other friends are fine with the fact that we're gay, but I can't imagine sitting here and doing something like this with them. They always used to put on a brave face whenever Drew spilled his usually too detailed reports of his latest conquests, and I'd usually just be...intrigued, but I knew they were never entirely comfortable with having to listen to all the 'gory details' of what Drew, the then 'resident gay', had been up to. And I could not imagine anything more uncomfortable than sitting them all down and telling them myself. I think that's why Drew literally celebrated when I came out to my friends that I too batted for the other team, as it meant that there was someone for him to swap stories with who wouldn't turn green at the mention of a rim-job.

That night, Drew and I go back to the club we went to last night. It is exactly the same, with the same music and dancers, what looks like the same crowd, and the same guys. I guess it isn't surprising really, since 'Silk' is the most popular gay club in the area. I can't complain really- it works for me. As I weave through the teeming crowd of bodies, I see him there, standing and merely staring critically at the collection of bodies before him. I didn't think he'd see me, but he catches my eye and a flicker of recognition flashes in his hazel eyes before he gives me a smooth smirk and turns back to surveying the pick of guys for tonight. It's only a matter of moments before he's heading into the crowd and towards a shaggy-haired blond. I can't help but grin and turn back to Drew, who has been watching me this entire time. Much to my surprise, Drew doesn't make some smart-assed comment and instead just chuckles knowingly, grabbing my arm and pulling me onto the dance-floor with him.