Dangling in the cross road of emotions
I know not which turn to make
my mind races along the path of anger
while the heart suffers in pain

Each signal flashes my mistakes
within judging eyes wrong lingers
life dictated by the past and its stain
as days struggle to live without frustration

A lump in the throat grows and stays
throbbing to spill out its sorrow
as smile speeds away like a car
it leaves behind bags of blame

Thoughts assure it will be fine tomorrow
as I look up and wish upon a star
let not the coming days be the same
silver streaks from my eyes pray

Nights witnesses a raging war within
between the heart and the mind
unsure who to listen to which direction to head
as it floats upon unstable life

Opening my eyes darkness I find
pen takes flight and writes in bed
releasing their aches and strife
hoping for a solution hoping to win

A sleepless night caught in emotions
where claws of anger desperately scrapes
at unwanted thoughts unwilling to surrender
for rest to drape my weary heart and mind