Unravel the truth

behind this perfidious mask

that is worn out and ragged

from far too much use.

Let the light shine through

to the garish soul beneath

that has grown old from neglect.

Sheets of blacks and whites

conceal the vivid being that lies beyond.

This cloak of memories

shields you from the world.

Tear off your costume

that you have hidden behind

for far too long.

End these charades before it is too late.

Unveil the truth

behind this treacherous mask

that has become a part of you

after countless escapades.

Let the individual show through

away from the horrors of the conformity

that has consumed every spark

of individuality within you.

The materialistic values

suppress personal attributes that lie beyond.

This need to assimilate

guides your every whim.

Tear off your costume

that has made you blind

for far too long,

end this masquerade

before there is nothing within.