Treasure box

It lies in the dark corner,

forgotten and neglected,

unnoticeable to the unaided eye

just like the beauty within.

Simple, mediocre objects

of little monetary value

that are cherished so dearly.

They are a friendly reminder

of hardships and catastrophes,

of oblivion and innocence.

It hides away from all,

dust covered and faded;

unattractive to the uniformed,

just like the beauty within.

Ordinary novelty items

unimpressive at first glance,

yet with a greater meaning.

They are nostalgic and reminiscent

of a million broken promises

and countless shattered dreams.

There lies a box of disappointments,

long expired friendships,

and on going relationships

carrying a bushel of emotions

with the exception of resentment.

All these small details

(unrecognized and overlooked)

are what makes life sweet

with every broken heart

you are taken one step closer

to making the box complete.

There lies a box

concealed and reserved,

with only visual representations

of the memories within.