Young Lost

Through my years I waited,

Waiting for my dreams,

The dreams I used to dream,

So long ago it seems,

The dreams about the day,

The day you went away,

You left me wasting and dying,

Dying season after season,

If only I had a reason,

Why'd you disappear?

My young lost, my despair,

Forced to relive the tale,

The tale I never tell,

Our meeting by the bell,

The day you tripped and fell,

I looked into your eyes,

Eyes that dulled and died,

Over your lostmind I wasted,

Wasted to another lost life,

Holding up the blade of the knife,

Didn't you think I cared?

My young lost, my despair,

Now I'll meet you again,

Again your skin I'll feel,

The cuts that never healed,

The final cut I deal,

Now into your light,

The light that lights the night,

Now to see theface I once lost,

Lost before, but now found once more,

And never lost forever more,

Because I'll always care,

My young lost, my despair.