"So I see you're short on cash, Trenton…"

The voice made me halt, and I turned around in the deserted corridor to see no other than Rich Golds, leaning against a pillar, smoking. I looked at him with a blank and confused expression.

"Six grand short, maybe?" He asked, a smirk spreading across face.

I turned to walk away, I was already late for class, needless to count that I had already in fact, miss a week of school. It wasn't more than five minutes until the next period started either… The curiosity was too great to ignore, sighing and knowing that I would catch up in class anyway, I turned to face him.

"What do you know, Rich?" I asked. He seemed amused by the way I addressed him. Everyone addressed each other by their last names, but it's bullshit, I mean, what the hell is with the 'I'm better than you 'cause I'm richer' shit?

He pretended to think, and I saw hints of yet another smirk. "Well, let's just say, I know you need six grand." He said, slow and composed.

I sent him a suspicious look.

"I saw a certain hospital debt on a piece of paper in your agenda." He says, his smirk spreading like he knew something I didn't.

"Rich, I don't have time for this. Go smoke you're cocaine." I sneer, turning to leave.

"Well, I guess you don't want that six grand, now do ya, Jaykob Trenton?" He asked, his leaving.

"Ah, but admit it, you don't want your poor younger sister Jannie to die, now do you, Jaykob?" He asked, I didn't know why I kept turning around and answering him, but maybe it was because his voice had a scent of knowledge, or maybe it was that I was desperate enough I would turn to Rich.

"Rich, stop making small talk, get to the point, we both know you have one." I demand, slightly interested. His face twisted a bit, and one of his brows rose slightly, before a grin fully showed.

"Now I know why you got into Beverly Hills High school with a scholarship, you are rather bright." He stated, trying to hide how impressed he was.

"Cut to the chase, Rich. I don't have all day." I retort, ignoring his comment. Usually, I wouldn't even bother to talk to Rich Golds; he was stuck-up, rude, goalless, and filthy rich.

"Since you can't seem to spare any longer with people like me, I will." He started, but was interrupted with the school bell followed by swarms of students leaving their classes. We waited until the hallway was filled with only ten people or so. "I'll give you six grand,"

"What's the downside?" I asked, it was impossible for someone to just give away six thousand dollars for nothing.

He smirked. "I knew you'd catch on. You know the girl in all your classes? Carina Latiana?" He asked.

I scanned through my memory before I finally realized who he was talking about.

"Yeah, so…?" I ask, curious at what he would make me do.

"I want you to give me a list of everything she likes and dislikes by the end of the school year." He says.

"That's eight and a half months." I tell him.

"Oh, is it? Well then you'll have lots of time." He stated.

"How am I supposed to know?" I ask him, although I knew the answer

"I'm sure you'll find a way, after all, you were given a scholarship to attend a thirty grand high school. If you agree, you'll have the money with the first 'like' you get." He tells me.

I thought about all the factors and variables of the deal.

"Tell me your response by the end of the day, just post a piece of paper outside the elevator bulletin board that says 'agreement' with your signature." He tells me before stalking off, while taking a drag.

Throughout the day, my mind kept wandering to the offer that Rich had made to me. It seemed crazy, yet I knew; he must have a crush on Carina or something. I guess that's how he catches' hearts of girls, by magically knowing what they loved or not. His relationships were almost posted on the newspaper; everyone knew of them. How he gets the girl and gets bored and they break. It's usual, a different girl every week. I didn't give a shit about what happened to him or the girl, but I heard that most of the time, the girl's get so heart broken, they transfer schools or get anorexic, which just again says that girl's are too damn emotional. Yet this time it was different, because this time, I was the magic, because by last period, a poster saying 'agreement' was on the bulletin board outside the elevator with my signature on it.