Chapter 1: Red is Temper

"What? Is the great intelligent Jaykob Trenton doubting failure?" Rich inquired amused at my aggravated look.

"No, but your demand- so to say- is rather hard, if you could somehow get her to know of me-" I started, only to be cut off my Rich's gruff voice.

"Trenton, do not waste my time. She very well knows of your existence, who wouldn't? All those plaques with your little nerdy name on it, and don't even get me started on those shitty pieces of gold painted plastic that they called trophies you have in the school display case. It's me she doesn't know exists."

I contemplated his 'philosophy.'

"I suppose you have a point, but still, I can't just go up to someone I hardly know and say 'hey, give me a list of things you like and hate,' now can I?" I asked, pointing out the obvious to him.

"Well I don't see why not." He commented, unfazed as he took another drag from his cigarette.

"Because that's not what smart people do!" I dissed him without thinking, my patience was starting to thin, just because he has all that gold and shit, he can't just go buy someone for him.

"Keep your cool, Trenton. I'm doing you a favour, now do you remember? Just say you're doing a fucking survey." He said casually, his posture composed.

"What the hell fucked your head up so much?" I asked, my anger and annoyance slowly subsided at the image of my sister sick with leukemia in the hospital bed, her lips pale, her hair falling, and her eyes dead.

"Gold, Trenton, gold screws people's mind up." He murmured as he took a puff from his cigarette.

Before I could even reply on how he lacked intelligent in that comment, he started again.

"I gotta go Trenton," He glanced at his Swiss Army watch that probably costs more than everything I owned. "You're known for your brains, so use them for this…project." He finished before strolling away.

Was this guy messed up or what? Making me stalk-practically, almost- someone for him. Me?! I'm the guy who solves the Math or Science problems! Ask me about Algebra or the physics of a vehicle and I'll have the solution, but stalking a girl? No, I don't think that was even possible. Frustrated, and being pulled on by both sides –my sister in bed dying- and stalking someone, I had to get the money! I was desperate! Jannie will die if she didn't get that surgery! Running a hand through my mahogany coloured hair, I wondered what exactly I had gotten myself into.

"Hey! You're Jaykob Trenton, right?" I heard a high childish voice asked as I walked towards Study Hall. Turing around and stopping, I found my 'target' catching up to where I was standing. Her red-almost brown hair swayed as she strides towards me.

"Yeah, what's up?" I asked, when she finally caught up as her greenish blue eyes looked at me for a reply.

"Well, you're my partner for Rainer's History project." She informed me, waiting for my respond.

How did I not know who my partner was? Hell, I didn't even know we had a project.

"You were absent when it was assigned, apparently Rainer himself made these partners." She stated, seeing the gears in my head turn.

"Oh, ok." I say. It wasn't much more I can say. I was secretly thanking Rainer for my chance to get to know Carina well.

She laughed, her shoulders shook slightly and her fair complexion smiled showing rows of white pearly teeth.

"What?" I asked, confusion fogging my mind.

"Nothing, oh by the way, I'm Carina." She introduced herself, as she reached her hand out for me shake.

Awkwardly I took it and gave it a slight shake. "Jaykob. Jaykob Trenton." I introduced myself. It felt weird, what does Rich see in her? Sure, I guess she's got the looks, but her personality's just wack. Shaking hands? Who the hell does that nowadays?

"I was thinking we should get started on the project this weekend. So…do you think you can come to the library?" She asked, with no hesitation. Her voice sounded so cheery, and for the first time in my life, the happiness sounded real instead of fake and pretentious.

"Yeah, sure. So what time?" I asked.

"Um…" She thought it over. "Hey, we better get to Study Hall first, then I'd look through my schedule to see where the free slot is, 'k?" She asked as we walked together. She was a mystery to me. What did she even mean by free slot? Was her life all planned out? Ignoring the questions, I took a seat beside her as she flipped through a black leather agenda type book covered with stars; all eyes were on us before a girl I recognized as Darlene Rogers walked over. Yet how was it abnormal that I would recognize Darlene, with her sun bleached blond hair and baby blue eyes. She looked like she came straight from Hollywood, she attracted almost everyone, yet she was a bit too fake for my liking.

"Latiann! It's Study Hall, but you're not actually studying, are ya babe?" She asked, as she laid her hand with five very pink fingernails my desk.

"Oh, Darlene, I must." She said, looking apologetic with her now blue eyes to Darlene? "Jay, my whole weekend is full, and so are the weekdays, and the project is due next Friday, do you mind if we discussed the matters during my activities, because otherwise, I would not be able to do the project. And then during dinner or my fifteen-minute breaks, then I'll do the project. So is that cool?" She asked, gazing up at me with her now hazel/brown eyes. This was truly peculiar, was I going blind? Or did her eyes….change colour?

"So is it?" She persisted, her voice a bit harder.

"Sure, yeah." I reply.

"Oh Latiann you are such a book worm!" Darlene commented as she crossed her arms over her chest in a very girly manner that was quite disturbing.

"Soz Darlene, I can't talk now, I'm really busy." Carina waved her off. Scoffing, Darlene walked off, muttering something under her breath.

"You can-" I start. I felt guilty for upsetting Darlene, after all she was only being well…I'm not quite sure what.

"She'll get over it." Carina simply said before writing down the project meeting arrangements in her star covered black agenda.

"Carina?" I asked, unsure, would it even be offending to tell her her eyes changed colour?

"Yeah?" She questioned, looking up at me with an emerald shade of green in her eyes.

"Do your eyes change colour?" I blurt, the curiosity was biting at me.

She chuckled as the emerald became richer. "I can't believe you don't know. I thought everyone knew. My eyes do change colour depending on what mood I am in." She told me, smiling at my dumbfound expression.

"It's ok, you're on my good side as long as you haven't seen the red yet." She joked, as I recovered from my shock.

"Red?" I ask in disbelief, dropping my pencil.

She smiled a mischievous smile. "Red, as in wine red." She whispered, her eyes twinkled.

"No way…don't kid to me about that!" I say not believing her. "That's such a crappy prank."

Her eye colour changed immensely. From the calm and sparkling green to a dark brown that had hints of red in it.

"Don't you dare swear in front of me!" She yelled, her voice rising, as she got up and stomped over to where Darlene was talking to another girls I didn't recognized.

I guess red indicates anger, and man, did she have a temper.

On the bright side, I have her first dislike-which I bet Rich will take. That means six grand earned just like that.

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