Chapter 2: Guess?

"What have you got for me, Trenton?" Rich asked, taking another slow drag.

"Her first dislike." I told him. "Can you take that instead?"

"Sure, what is it?" He asked, slightly interested.

"She hates when people swear." I told him.

"Hm…" He thought this over before patting me on the back. "Nice going there, Trenton. Just keep it up. I expect something new every day." He told me.

"What?" I asked, making sure that I heard clearly.

"That's right, something added to the list everyday ensures that you won't back out on me." He repeated.

"This was not what we discussed before." I tell him, trying to remain calm.

"That rules have changed then, my friend. Learn to catch up, and plus, I'm sure you'll catch on, you will eventually. I'll have the money transferred to the hospital and I'll even buy the employers to tell you're folks that the surgery has become free." Rich offered.

"I-" I started, shit, how do I respond to this. I mean, sure, he got my parents off my back, but…one friggin thing every day? I'll have to stalk her!

"It's set then, we're cool. You're sister will get her surgery as soon as possible. But be warned, if you back out on me after she gets her surgery, her chance of living will be zero no matter how healthy she is. You're a smart kid Trenton, I think you know what I mean." He finished, and left me there to ponder on my own.

Sighing and knowing that I couldn't change a single damn thing about this, I headed to Carina's gymnastic lessons by bus. Hopefully, she had gotten over the whole prank comment…hopefully

"Do you have an appointment?" A middle-aged lady asked me at the front desk, looking down on me with disdain. The place was grand, really, who would've thought a stupid place where you do cart-wheels all day would have mirror walls with characters doing gymnastics on them? The foyer of this place looked better than my whole house, holy shit.

"Well…young man, I do not have all day, do you have an appointment?" She repeated, tapping her foot ever so slightly.

"Uh…yeah, I'm here to see Miss, um….Miss." I started, what the hell was her last name again?

"Miss who? We are very busy here." She told me, her tone irritated.

"Miss…" I fumbled, raking my mind for that girl's last name! "Latianna!" I blurt at last.

"Miss Latianna?!" She asked, blood draining from her face. "Y-you're the boy she's requested to attend to." She put one and one together.

"Yes." I reply. Why the hell was this lady so scared? Was Carina some sort of boss? Jeez, don't pms on me, for pity sake!

"Well, in that case, please follow me!" She strictly said, recovering from her shock as she came out from behind her desk and walked towards a glass door.

I followed her through a corridor make fully out of glass, we passed room after room of people having classes, doing summersalts, ribbon dancing, jumping around! Finally, she stopped in front another room with a golden knob on it, quietly, she pulled out a key and slipped it in the keyhole, there was a click and she pushed the door open. Surprisingly, there were a set of stairs, not drafty old crumbly stairs in apartments or any of the sort, but a grand spiral staircase. She walked up the steps and I followed suite, after several turns or so when I was about to give up and collaspe onto the stairs, she led me to a room with glass walls once again.

"Wait here for her, once her trainer allows her to take a short break, she'll come." The lady told me before exiting the room abruptly. This girl is loaded alrighty, I mean, this is just the place where she has her lessons! And I'm in a room with a huge flat plasma T.V. screen the size of the wall, and all the best Sony V.C.R's, DVD players, anything you could name. And the walls I noticed, were all made of silver glass, a glass that I did research on in one of my advanced science classes. Silver glass has a coat of pure silver coating the inside, allowing designs or various patterns to show on the glass, it is also known that mercury glass and it costs a fortune for a regular size 5' by 5' piece, and in order for them to have walls made of it, I reckon this room's walls cost 5 times more than what my life owns. On the walls, were figures of people doing gymnastics and inspiration words for gymnastic professionals, all of this designed with silver glass. Besides the fact that the walls cost more than ten grand, the furnishing was very expensive too. There were two doors, both made of glass, the one I entered from and the other I did not know where it led, but it was locked. There were a set of stacks and shelves that held the electronics, like the V.C.R.'s, etc. I looked in all of them, but there was this big closet like door that was locked, strange really. The couches were all very comfortable and sunk in when you sat into them so that it was almost impossible to want to get up. Does she live like this every day?

I wasn't sure how long I had dwelled in that room, but I was positive I was becoming a couch potato, not ever have I been so spoiled in my life! The room had free movie picks from the Movie Cable, and an automated popcorn maker that actually places the popcorn right in front of you! The couch was made of genuine leather and was custom made at just the right angle so your back would not get sore, and you could use the T.V. as a computer with wireless mouse and keyboard, hi-speed internet extreme, and boss speakers! It was paradise!

Finally, glancing at my garage sale watch, did I finally realize what the time was, I had been here for four shitty hours already! And she still didn't get a break yet?! I was about to get up and head for the door when the opposite-once locked- door opened and in came a sweaty, exhausted, slumping Carina.

"Oh," She paused to take a breath. "You came." She took a few more breaths in between.

"What was all that waiting about?" I asked casually, as she sunk into my previous seat.

She choked down a whole new bottle of water before replying me. "My instructor was extra strict today! She would not let me off the hook! But today is considered as an 'ok' day, I guess." She explained, opening a new bottle of water.

"Ok day?" I questioned, raising a brow.

"Yeah, sometimes she would make me train for eight hours straight!" She told me, recalling the incident.

"Holy sh-" But stopped myself, seeing the red that threatened to reveal itself in her eyes. "Shrub." I corrected myself just in time.

She sucked in her breath. "So are we gonna start working or what?" She asked, changing the subject to stop the awkard silence.

"How long do you have?" I asked her, wanting to divide the time in the best way.

"Half an hour." She told me bluntly.

"Half an hour? You've got to be kidding me!" I state, looking at her serious expression. "We're never going to finish."

"Of course we're not, not when you're just standing there! Com'on!" And with that she had grabbed my arm and pulled me to the locked closet door.

"Abra per me." She murmured in a foreigh accent near the door and the doors unlocked itself.

"Password locked?" I asked, gaping.

"Yeah, it's for protection and all that stuff parents are paranoid about." She told me, pulling me into the closet. It turned out, the closet was not a closet, it was in fact, a trap door sort of thing. Who would've thought they'd have trap doors in a gymnastic center?! We were in an empty room filled with nothing except for a small chandelier.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"To my house." She told me like I was stupid.

"Ha! Right…nice try." I tell her, sarcastically.

She sent me a glare. "I'm serious."

"You are, aren't you?" I clarified, seeing the stoned expression on her face.

She rolled her eyes and nodded.

She did a summersault in the air and kicked the ceiling with her feet. A wall slid to the side like a door and to my astonishment, I was face to face with an elevator door.

"Wha-?" I started to ask.

She just winked at me while grinning. "It's a secret." And with that she pulled me into the elevator shaft.

Placing her palm on the buttonless walls of the elevator, she murmured something else under her breath that was along the lines of 'prendalo casero' or something of the sort… The elevator smoothly started to ascend to who knows where after the secret command she had said. Did she seriously need every crappy door to be password coded? Jeez, talk about over protective.

"Carina, where are we going?" I questioned, looking at her.

She didn't reply, but the gleaming royal blueness showed hints of hidden knowledge. "You'll see." She merely.

I scoffed a bit before getting over it. We rode in silence before the elevator stopped gently and the doors opened. To my sight was a gold corridor lined with doors. Carina walked out the elevator and down the hallway, I followed. She turned right at the fifth door on the right side that had diamond stars decorated on it, placing her eye in front of the uncommonly high doorknob, she peered inside. Within seconds, the door unclicked itself and in she went with me tailing behind her.

"Eye-scan locks? Holy f-" Once again, I had stopped myself just in time. "Flower." I corrected myself cheesily.

Shaking her head and rolling her eyes in an annoyed way, she got her knees on the white marble tiled floor.

Surprisingly, this room was bare, empty, plain even. It was just like any ordinary room in any normal apartment, so why the hell was there a normal room in her princessy castle place?

Using her fingernails, she traced the outline of a tile, and before I had registered what she was doing, she had removed a tile completely. Now the tiles were not your usual however many inches by whichever inches big, they were around half a meter by half a meter, so with the tile gone, there was a hole in the floor.

"What the-?" I said to no one in particular as I looked down and saw thing bout lavender coloured…something…

Without another word, she lowered herself into the opening and dropped herself in.

I did not speak for a second, was this girl stupid or what? She just dropped herself in a hole…..that was weird…

"Com'on! We're wasting time, you know?" I heard her complain.

"Come where?" I asked stupidly.

"Down here!" She stated, like it was the obvious thing in the world.

"Down there?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes! For pity's sake, just come! There are no monsters down here." She told me in an irritated tone, I could just imagine her rolling those scary eyes of hers.

"Ok then! Chill out!" I say, repeating what she had done.

I felt myself fall and plop onto something soft. Looking around, I realized I was probly in her room.

"Secret passages?! Is your family some kind of royalty?" I asked. This was insane, I mean, sure…I knew she was rich, but holy fuck, what the hell was all that? I swear I would've gotten lost like hell…

"No." She told me, once again rolling her eyes that are now a chocolate brown.

"And what the heck was all that stuff you were saying?" I questioned again, demanding to know the explanation of all this stuff.

"Well, what's my background?" She asked me in return as she placed her hand on her hip as her eyes changed room the brown to a charteurse green.

I cocked an eyebrow. "English?" I guess, unsure, who teaches you too see what a person's background is at school?

She grinned. "Guess again." She demanded, fully amused.

I furrowed my brows and starred at her some more. Her skin was not white, but no brown, it was well…exotic, but…what background is that? Her eyes changed colour, which did not help. Her nose was quite pointy and proud looking, she was quite tall, about an inch shorter than me; so about 55' maybe…

She tapped her foot impatiently. "Guess already!"

"Um…a mix?" I suggest.

She thought over it for a moment. "Well yeah, but of what?" She asked, amused by my poor guessing skills.

I sighed, this was hopeless, we'd never get anything done this way! "Let's just start on the project." I say.

"No! Too bad! You have to guess!" She demands, smiling as her eyes shone.

"I give up, ok?" I say, hoping she'd just let me go.

"No, you can't! You can't be such a quiter! Guess Jaykob!" She commands.

"Why?" I ask her exasperately.

"Because I love it when people are guessing!" She simply says, smiling at her eyes twinkled.

Seeing she would not let me off the hook, I just fired random backgrounds at her. "Portuguese? Arabic? Spanish? French? English? Italian? Asian?"

She rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile. "Spanish, Italian and Asian." She told me at last, smiling genuinely.

"How can you have so many backgrounds?" I asked in astonishment.

"My mother is half asian and half italian, and my father is spanish, so…I'm all three." She explains.

"I see." I say. "So what does this have to do what all those murmurs stuff?"

"It's all in spanish, and italian!" She blurted, doing a half-grin while rolling those eyes of hers again.

"Ok, already! Let's start with this project stuff!" I say.

Just at that moment, a tuneful siren rang through my ears.

Carina's expression turned sulky.

"What?" I asked blankly.

"I have to um…go back and train now…" She says, giving me a weak smile.

"We haven't even done anything yet!" I protest, half an hour could not have gone past us so quickly!

"I'm sorry Jaykob, I really am…" She apologized as her eyes became a hazel/green colour.

Sighing and looking up, I asked her something else. "How long until you're next 'break'?"

"Um…three or four hours, but I don't rest here after that, I have to go to my piano lessons there. And I rest there." She told me.

"Ok, just go, I'll figure something out…" I say as she disappeared through the door. This is going to one heck of a project, but on the other hand, I've got another like from her! Guessing! This girl is harder than a million pieced puzzle; impossible to solve. It was going to be a long weekend…

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