You were broken beautiful, darling,

when you cried into my hair

(as if tomorrow would never come,

.&. the high would never fade)

Well, baby, the drugs wear off

.&. the sun will always fall in the east

(backwards, I know, but so are me .&. you,

e) I could promise you that my hair

still tastes like the ineedyou's .&. the iloveyou's you moaned

(and tortured me with, till I came in to your hands)

You opened me like a tomb and gave me the l-o-v-e

I wanted (but only in the biblical sense, baby.

Cause that is all you can give me)

.&. I was on top (and you were on bottom)

(backwards, I know, but so are me and you


An: It's not a grammatical error, it is meant to be "me and you". As opposed to "you and I"