Roll intro

open on computer screen; it is a chat room

Beefcake: So will you do it?

sexy_bitch: Are you serious?

Beefcake: Damn right I am!

sexy_bitch: You want me to kill your ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend?

Beefcake: Yes

Beefcake: And I want proof, a videotape and her hand

sexy_bitch: What! what kind of weirdo are you?

Beefcake: A very rich one!

sexy_bitch: yeah right. You're probably just some bloody druggie

Beefcake: You'll see, I'll pay you £1,000,000 to do it

sexy_bitch: Fuck off! Stop bullshitting!

Beefcake: IM NOT! You will receive £50,000 in the post in 3 days

sexy_bitch: You said a million.

Beefcake: Think of it as a deposit. You'll get the rest when you send me the tape of their murder and her hand.

sexy_bitch: Who is your Ex-girlfriend and who is her boyfriend

Beefcake: Heather Bowers and Richard Madison

sexy_bitch: They live just a few houses away.

Beefcake: I know

sexy_bitch: how do you know? Who the hell are you?

*-Beefcake disconnected-*

Camera pulls back to reveal Jane and Ryan

Ryan: You don't recon he's serious do you?

Jane: Nah, and even if he was I wouldn't do it.

Stan: Not even for a million

Ryan: (turns to camera) Stan turn the fuckin' camera off

Scene 2:

screen is black

Jane: look at this!

Ryan: Shit!

Ryan pulls lens cap off the camera

Jane cont.: It's the £50,000 that guy was saying he'd post to us!

Camera comes into focus on a suitcase of money.

Ryan (off screen): Shit! he was serious! Then that means he really does want Heather and Richard dead.

Jane: That means we could get a million quid if we kill Heather and Richard

Ryan: Yeah but... killing someone... for money.

Jane: Yeah exactly... MONEY!

Ryan: what if he won't pay us?

Jane: He's given us 50K for not even doing anything! In my books that`s quite a good credit rating

Stan: (Enters) Hi, what's that?

Jane: (turns to Stan) Fuck off Stan! We're busy (turns away, and Stan makes a gesture at her then leaves)

Ryan: But it's sti...

Scene 3:

Jane: (close to camera) We've both decided to accept Beefcake's offer

Ryan: (turning camera towards himself) We will kill Heather and Richard and record it tonight.

Jane: We spoke to Beefcake again last night and he said that he has the money and it is ready to swap for the hand and tape. When we have done it we have to meet him at the old church

Ryan: So now all we have to do is kill them

Jane: and then Ryan and me become millionaires

Stan: and me! I wanna help

Ryan: Yes and you Stan, you can film it.

Scene 4:

Jane: at last! I was wondering if you were going to come

Stan: oh yeah of course, I come every time baby!

Jane: (Jane's face shows disgust and sympathy for this weak attempt at a joke) Right, OK then. (Ryan enters carrying a backpack)

Stan: Oh cool! Some weapons.

Ryan: (producing each Item as he says it) I have a knife (large, kitchen), a claw hammer, a metal cable for strangulation, a saw (rusty) and a bin bag

Jane: why the bin bag and saw?

Ryan: So we can cut through the bone and somewhere to put the hand afterwards.

Stan: Good thinking.

Ryan: (to Jane) what's that?

Jane: It's a website I found called .com

Ryan: Sweet

Scene 5:

They are walking to the park with the camera in front of them

Stan: (commentator style) So at this very tense moment these soon to be millionaires face their biggest challenge yet. In this final event their challenge is to kill 2 of their friends because some guy on the internet told them to.

Ryan:(Shoves Stan over and kicks him in the stomach twice.)

Jane: He happens to be a very wealthy 'some guy on the internet' so shut the fuck up if you don't want to die as well goddit shit for brains. (kicks him in the balls)

Stan: Yeah! yeah! OK! I goddit! (Jane walks away) shit that fuckin hurt! The fuckin bitch got me right in the nuts.

Scene 6:

Stan: are you sure they're coming out today?

Jane: yeah, well they said they would when I rung them

Ryan: I feel sick. I don't know if I can do this.

Jane: You have to! We just have to do this, then we'll be rich

Stan: Shut up! Here they are.

Jane: Hi, you took you're time didn't you

Heather: Yeah well we've been busy (

Richard: What have you three been up to?

Ryan: Oh just the usual boring stuff

Jane: Yeah well nothing dead (cringes at the pun) exiting

Richard: What's with the camera?

Stan: Oh I was just testing it out to see if it still works.

Richard and Heather turn to snog each other and Ryan and Jane look at each other then nod slightly

Mike goes in first and hits Richard on the back of the head with the hammer sending him sprawling on the floor holding his head. Heather starts screaming but is prevented when Jane pulls the metal wire round her neck from behind. The camera first goes for a close up on Richard who is lifeless and has blood pouring from his head. Then the camera shows Heather, she is pinned down face down on the floor with the wire round her neck with her pulling on the wire trying to get a little air, then she dies and blood starts pouring from her mouth.

Scene 7:

Ryan drags Richard and Heather by their collars up to some woods

Stan: I'm going to be sick (drops camera and is sick)

Jane: Picks up camera and films Ryan sawing (from behind Ryan-show Ryan struggling to saw it and eventually he gives up and you hear him snap the bone)

Stan: Thanks I'll take over now (camera passed over to Stan)

Ryan: It's a shame really isn't it

Stan: You've just killed two people and you think it's a shame for them!?

Jane: No, for you. (Ryan and Jane attack Stan with the hammer and knife, hear one thud and the camera falls but is still moving, then a few more thuds and slashes and the camera is still and pointing upwards) You really shouldn't be so trusting (moves over to pick up the camera)

Ryan: I quite enjoyed that

Jane: Yeah, we seem to have developed a taste for it (licks blood off Ryan's hands)

Scene 8:

Jane: (led on bed looking top left of camera) is it on yet?

Ryan: Yeah

Jane: Oh yeah the red light's on

Ryan: ( lies next to her facing the camera ) You know what? That fuckin beefcake guy didn't bloody turn up

Jane: what a fuckin wanker!

Ryan: and it turns out the money was fake anyway

Jane: I went into Boots and got myself a load of nice stuff but when I came to pay for it they wouldn't take it. The fucking money didn't have a metal strip all the way through it, just on the outside!

Ryan: And! Just to make things even better than they already are the police are investigating, and they are treating us as suspects

Jane: We've got to go and see the police tomorrow to give a statement

Ryan: What a fuckin mess

Jane: Tell me about it.

Ryan: I enjoyed it though.

Jane: Yeah it really turned me on

Ryan: Really? (turns to Jane)

Jane: (turns to Ryan) Even just thinking about it turns me on

Ryan: (raises an eyebrow and turns towards the camera James Bond style then reaches over to the camera as he turns to kiss Jane-camera cuts out)

Scene 9:

Jane: We rule at lying!

Ryan: We told the police a bullshit story about leaving before Richard and Heather even got to the park and they bought it!

Jane: What a load of dumb fuckers they are

Ryan: Good job an' all

Jane: Yeah.

Ryan: Oh and we've decided that we enjoyed killing Richard, Stan and Heather so much that we've decided we're going to do it again

Jane: Only not to the same people

Ryan: (turns to Jane) No shit Sherlock!

Jane: Well sorry

Ryan: We've chose the next victim as well.

Jane: Can I say who

Ryan: Yeah, coz it's not like anybody's gonna see this is it.

Jane: Well they might

Ryan: We'll either be dead or in prison by then

Jane: Oh shut up! Anyway our next victim is going to be John Phillips, He's fancied me for like... forever and I'm goin' to trick him into thinking I've split up with Ryan and I want to go out with him.

Ryan: Then she's goin to take him into the woods saying she's going to fuck his brains out

Jane: (shows her disgust at that thought) A little more subtle though

Ryan: Why?

Jane: Shut up you sick bastard (playfully slaps him)

Ryan: (Smiles) and then we kill him

Jane: and we run home saying the killer had attacked us and dragged John into the woods and we were lucky to escape. Easy. ( Leans over and turns the camera off)

Scene 10:

As described above with Ryan having the camera and hiding in the woods until they kill him

Scene 11:

Ryan: (close to camera) Yesterday we were talking to Sarah and Jane let it slip that in the past week we've killed 4 people. Clever!

Jane: (pulls camera off Ryan) But it turns out that she is suicidal but can't bring herself to do it

Ryan: she even had a gun and says that if we kill her we can have the gun

Jane: So tomorrow night we're going to help her kill herself

Ryan: (turns to Gemma) How are we going to kill her?

Jane: (Shrugs) I thought you decided

Ryan: No

Jane: Lets go and ask her how she wants to die

Ryan: OK

(Camera goes downstairs and outside to the park)

Jane: Hi Sarah!

Sarah: (has been crying) Hi

Jane: How do you want to die tomorrow?

Sarah: I don't know... quickly?

Ryan: Do you want us to shoot you?

Sarah: Yeah ok

Scene 12:

They take her up to the woods

Sarah: (To Jane can you leave us alone for a minute?)

Jane: (Looks at Ryan briefly) Yeah ok

Sarah: Do you want to know why I want to die?

Ryan: The thought did cross my mind

Sarah: (Pushes the camera away from her and walks up to Ryan and whispers) Because I love you

Ryan: But then why do you want to commit suicide? (Ryan puts the camera down)

Sarah: Because I know I can never have you because of Jane. You two have shared so much together and I haven't shared anything with you until this moment.

Ryan: I never knew you felt this way about me, how long have you felt like this?

Sarah: Forever. (starts to sob) We could kill Jane and say it was her and that she tried to kill us but we got the gun off her and it fired accidentally, then we could be together.

Ryan: Yeah we could start over again.

Sarah: Live a new life.

Ryan: Jane, come here

Jane: Are you ready to die yet Sarah?

Sarah: Are you?

Jane: What? (turns to Ryan) what is she talking about?

Ryan: You're going to die

Jane: But think of everything we've been together, all the time we've spent together, all the feelings and emotions...

Ryan: (points gun at Jane) Goodbye... (Jane looks horrified) ...Sarah (Jane and Sarah look puzzled, Then Ryan turns round and shoots Sarah in the chest, she lies there on the floor, with her hand reaching up to Ryan and he shoots her another 3 times) I think I deserve an Oscar for that.

Jane: You bastard! I thought you were going to do it. (goes to hit him but falls into him and starts crying)

Ryan: I'm sorry. It was meant to be a joke but it went to far, I'm sorry (turns the camera off)

Scene 13:

Jane: The cops are on to us but they haven't got any proof yet so we've decided to skip the country.

Ryan: I was talking to this pilot from Mexico on the net and he agreed to take us to Mexicali which is on the border to America.

Jane: as payment we're giving him the forged money that we still have.

Ryan: We're leaving tomorrow and we've decided to leave the camera here so that everyone can know we did kill all those people.

Scene 14:

Jane: My parents are out and me and Ryan are meant to be going in a few hours but I'm not sure if I can face living after all the things I have done, it's like my conscience was gone for the past few weeks and now it has come flooding back when I thought Ryan was going to kill me. (cries) I'm sorry ( puts gun in her mouth and blows the back of her head off, she falls over and knocks camera in the process, all the camera shows is Jane's face lying on the floor with blood dripping from her mouth for a while

Ryan: (bursts in) Jane are you... oh no, oh god no, (Starts crying, after a few seconds he lays Jane back down where she was and picks up the gun and turns the camera to face him and half crying half trying to smile says) This is bit of a fuck up isn'it? (puts gun against his head and shoots himself)