She lifted her hand to her face and felt the sticky, wet concoction that she knew was her blood. She removed her hand from her cheek and stared at it for a moment before lifting her gaze and settling it upon the man in front of her. She could feel the loathing he was emitting.

"No one speaks to me like that." He spat at her. "Especially not some serving wench."

Wench? Did he just call her a wench?

"Well I just did. I spoke to you as a fellow human being and not as a noble who will one day take over this kingdom and ruin it-" He hit her again. The sharp pain numbed her face for a few minutes, but she refused to look away from him. Looking away would mean that he had one. If he won, she would lose. She hated losing.

He did not stare back at her, but rather decided to hit her repeatedly. With each strike, he whispered something into her ear.

"A pity you would not accept my offer." Wham.

"If you had said you were sorry, I might have forgiven you." Smack.

"Such a waste. You are quite a pretty thing, why must you be so disrespectful." Bam.

"Oh well, I won't let you live after you insulted me like that." Oomf.

"You should learn to respect your superiors." Grunt.

"You are just an unimportant whore. No one would care if you died." This made her uncontrollably mad, and when she was uncontrollably mad, she could not be held responsible for her actions.

"Superiors?" Wham. This time, she was hitting him, and she could hit hard, no matter how "petite" she looked.

"You think that you are superior to me?" Smack.

"Do you think that you are the only creature on this planet who matters?" Bam.

"Do you think that you can boss me around just because you are feared and of noble blood?" Oomf.

"Do you think yourself a god?" Grunt.

"I have news for you. You are the unimportant one." Wham.

"You are inferior." Smack.

"You are only respected because you cause fear in your people's hearts."Bam.

"You have not one ounce of nobility in your veins. Nobles are kind, nobles are understanding, you are most certainly not noble." Oomf.

"You are not a god!" Grunt.

She left him lying on the floor, gripping his stomach and choking up blood. She looked up to his men at arms, and gave them a glorious smile. She then fixed her hair and straightened her dress, walking away, knowing that they would not follow her nor attack her. For she had done what they had been longing to do ever since this brat had come into power.

Walking into the kitchen of "Shadowsbane Inn", the rest of the waitresses all turned to look at me.

"Oh! My! Maia! What happened to you!" Stephanie came running up to me and nearly fainted at the sight of my bloody cheek, my black eyes and fat lip.

"A costumer annoyed me. Oh, honestly, Stephanie, get a backbone." I sighed as she wobbled in front of me.

"How can you say such things when you are covered in…blood." She whispered the last word as though it was a sin even to mention it.

"Stephanie, go and take over Maia's shift." The head waitresses came up and examined me, a smile playing at her lips. "You'd better come with me, Maia. I'll get you cleaned up. We don't want you scaring off the costumers." Maia reluctantly followed the older woman.

Once they reached the back rom, the head waitress, Alissandra, sat her down on a spare keg of wine. She then proceeded to clean Maia's wounds.

"Honestly, Maia. You must learn to control your temper." Alissandra looked at her sadly.

"You should see what the other guy looks like." Maia said, sticking up her pretty little chin and winced as Alissandra applied alcohol to the gash on her left cheek.

"Which costumer was it?" Alissandra asked, sighing. They had had this conversation many times before, yet young Maia never seemed to learn her lesson. However, istead of a vivid description emerging from her perfect lips, Maia lowered her eyes and whispered, something inaudibly.

"Pardon me?" Alissandra was not used to this, and was quite intrigued.

"The prince." Maia repeated.

Alissandra gasped. "Maia!"

"You'd better start searching for a replacement, I'll be gone by the day after tomorrow." Maia stood and went to pack her affairs, leaving Alissandra in a state of shock.

AN: Hey! It's me, the author! I just want to say that if you found this introduction a little too straight forward for your taste, I hate it when you dance around the subject instead of diving right into it. I like to get straight to the point. If you didn't like this, don't worry, it gets better.