Alright, I'm gonna start this story on here, and probably retract some of my others. Some are just not fit to be on FictionPress. But, here's the start to a new one. Since my net is back,I'll be posting a lot. Thanks muchly.

The first time Zeke met Black, he asked him about his name, waiting for an answer.

With one foot propped on his board, and one hand idly stroking the slightly greasy hair around his shoulder, he replied, "Well, if a man named Brian Warner can be Marilyn Manson, and a character named Tom Marvolo Riddle can be Lord Voldemort and become a dark lord to be feared by all, I don't want to be remembered as Douglas Hughes, I want to be called Black."

Zeke had nodded, and pretended like he could keep up with Black's train of thoughtn through the rest if the conversation. In truth, he doubted anyone could understand Black very well. He was unusual and confusing without meaning to be. It made him intriguing. It made him irresistable.

Yay for two paragraph chapters. There. The next couple chapters are written, but not typed. So be on the look-out.