tears can't

cauterize the pain

the insane

shit your sending

through my spine

i've got time

but your lies

will die

before you've begun

my wings are torn.

your hate, your scorn

burnt my heart to dust

your anger's lust

for revenge

has been on its binge

now let free

the demon in me

and at its feet

pay homage

drunk gibberish

fumbles from your lips

the words you can't say

when you're sober

when you're falling over

when phantoms

slit your wrists

and memories bleed

from a kiss

taking you to

heaven, hell and back

your heart turned stone

you turned mine black


and fate

proved us wrong

when all is said

and all is done

that slate will never clear

you will never hear

me say

never hear me


never see me walk


from your poison

or your love

from the things you did

while you were drunk

the razor cuts

the nightmares you draw

if I stop loving you

who knows how far I'll fall