A raging, burning, fighting, biting anger.

It consumes eats, destroys, and burns me.

Like a roaring, scorching, melting fire.

In my head I scream, scream, scream.

I smile and nod, yet I burn, and consume.

This raging in my blood, simmers and eats

Pain, anger, hatred, fear, fire and greed.

I am human and these are my elements.

A searing, raging, anger eats at my bones.

A burning, hating fire, boils my blood.

I am consumed and slowly being destroyed.

Someone save me from my burning anger!

In the distance I see wood and metal.

My fire can not burn and destroy this wood.

My anger can not melt and destroy this metal.

My anger rages, fights, maims, kills, burns.

Yet it can not touch this simple wood,

It can not melt these small pieces of metal.

Slowly my fire is being smothered,

This consuming firing, burning anger,

This anger that was an endless abyss.

This anger that would consume to no end.

Is now being put out by wood and nails.

Like cool water being poured over hot coals,

My anger is being doused and smothered.

What is so powerful about this wood and metal?

I am no longer burning, raging, or fighting.

For the first time in a long time I feel whole.

Anger, hatred, fire, and greed are gone.

I am no longer composed of these elements.

Am I no longer human, or am I am more?

Yes I am more, very much more then that.

My anger and hatred, have been bought,

The abyss that rules me no longer burns.

It has been paid for with wood and nails,

The price was blood, and it was paid in full.

So here I stand no longer burning anger.

I am more then human, yes much more.

I am a child of God, bought and paid for,

By wood and nails, and blood of a Savior.