They say a while after the trauma, you start to remember things.

You start to relive it. You start to dwell in it.

Things hammer your mind. It never stops. You remember Everything and Nothing. You crave to delve deeper. You long to dive into your unanswered questions with greedy fingers, to try everything, anything to stop the tormented remains of your broken mind from slipping from your eyes.

You become obsessed with the people who hurt you.

You become shattered by the people who you loved.

You think and think about them so much you start to feel dizzy; the world turns so harshly you fear you will collapse, you know you're never going to love the same way, you're never going to feel the same way ever again.

The memories never end. Painful, hidden recollections that you've pushed deep inside your subconscious start pounding on the door that shuts you off from the world. They find a way to crawl inside your head with ruthless teeth that tear your flesh. They always do.

You're trapped in them until you're left sprawled across the floor screaming for release, thinking about when it used to be simple, before your soul and everything that went with it was wrenched from your fragile grasp.

And somehow, you can't shake the feeling that you're all alone.

They say a while after the trauma, you start to remember things.

Things that slowly eat away your mind

Until gradually

You're left with