Keeping Women in the Kitchen

Philip N. Atkinson

2/4/2006 11:34:55 PM

If you are a heterosexual man who marries a woman, she may be a housewife or a career woman. A woman can be both but her time is limited, so if she wants to be the best at one of them she will have to trade off one for the other. According to the bible, women by nature are naturally inclined to traditional domestic female duties. This natural urge is how it was in the caveman days when men were the ones who went out and hunted while women were the ones who stayed home and cooked food, took care of the children, and so on.

If you are married to a housewife, then all you have to do is sit back and let the woman do her thing. You will be fed, clothed, and your sexual appetite will also be fed. You will be the boss and she will recognize that. She will be financially dependent on you even if you make an average income. This income disparity will give you the power over your wife that you will need for smooth running of the household. Alex Kent explains it well: "Men are imperialistic: we want to expand our reach, be it in business or social realms. While we need a strong ally, the last thing we need is to have to wage a war on the domestic front as well. Imagine your regular day: you wake up and have to fight for bathroom time. Then, getting to work means risking your life because we gave women the right to drive (we had to, after all, someone has to pick up the kids and buy groceries. But men got lazy and failed to give women separate roads)."

What if you are married to one of those bitchy career women? I have said before that women have a natural urge to become housewives. So why then do these career women exist? The point is that even though nature says one thing, ultimately the woman can override nature by choosing not to follow its will. You may be born with a natural talent for numbers and mathematics. However, even though you have that natural talent for mathematics, if you decide through your own choice to become an artist, then that's it. You will become an artist and your mathematical talents will be irrelevant. That is how it is with women. They are naturally designed by God for housekeeping, rearing children, and following the orders of men, but simply through choice alone they can override their natural God-given urges and become lesbians, seek an education, get jobs, and, worst of all, seek power and influence in the traditional domain of men.

This essay is for those men who are unlucky enough to be married to a career woman. It will first talk about the small things that all men should do to very carefully make women think that they should stick with the traditional roles assigned to them by God. This essay will then list ways you can transform a career woman into a housewife, ways you can, as the title says, keep the woman in the kitchen. An intelligent, university educated woman can be tough to handle because she will automatically assert her dominance in the household, throwing everything into chaos. She will fight it out with you, trying to earn more than you do, trying to make you less of a man. As we know, men must be better than others for them to feel good. A man who earns less than the wife, a man who achieves less than the wife, is himself emasculated. He feels lesser, and this is a problem. It is essential that the man is able to get his power back for the sake of his manhood. Alex Kent says the following: "When it comes to men and women, men will only surrender (read: settle down) with a woman who accepts the fact that the man is the boss."

This essay is not like The Stepford Wives. In that movie the husbands of successful women all made their wives into robots (i.e. Stepford Wives). The infamous novel by Ira Levin and the 1970s movie might be very good, but in reality such technology obviously doesn't exist, so this essay will instead deal with more realistic settings. In fact, the movie really does show how it is that men really want women. We really do want women to be like perfect robots. Unfortunately such robots do not exist yet. I have been told by some that Stepford Wives is actually not an anti-feminist movie as I expected by a pro-feminist movie that launched the feminist revolution. That's strange because I always thought Stepford Wives was anti-feminist.

Men know that women are the ones who ultimately control their destinies no matter what God or nature says. This is the reason why men try hard to influence or persuade women to become housewives without making it seem like we really want them to become housewives. This subtle manipulation can be achieved by emphasizing gender roles in everyday life. The subtle manipulation should begin when the women are young. Here are some examples. When you talk about doctors, always say "he" as if you expect men to be doctors. This very subtle little pronoun makes women think that they aren't supposed to become doctors. In fact, this is very important because, based on statistics I have seen, there are more female medical students than male medical students. The same is true for law and business. The only faculty in university that can exclusively be seen as male-only is engineering, and who knows whether this will still be the case down the road when the feminist elite put more fuel into their propaganda engines.

Another way to influence women is to tempt them into being a housewife by trying to filter away all the negatives of housekeeping and childrearing while focusing on the positives. Television commercials that advertise nappies do this very well, implying that women who look after babies are very happy. Unfortunately for every wholesome traditional nappy ad there are hundreds of feminist propaganda shows like Sex and the City and The Practice that really spew forth the idea of the successful university-educated career woman. It is a tough battle! At the end of the day the woman is naturally inclined to become the childrearing housewife, as I said, but all this propaganda may persuade her to choose not to be one, and this is something men should be worried about. The natural order is being disturbed. Satan is making a comeback.

As I said before, a small thing you can do to influence girls to grow up to become housewives is to emphasize gender roles. Give girls Barbie dolls and plastic babies they can take care of. This will train them to nurture as God intended them to. Give them microwave ovens so they learn early on that they should be the ones in the kitchen doing the cooking. Don't do what most modern parents nowadays do and give them Nintendos and Playstations. They will only start playing those shoot-em-up games and then grow up to challenge men in competitive areas. This is not what men need. They don't need more competition. "We will fight to get the girl," said Kent, "but when we get her, we do not want to fight with her."

Now that I have described ways you can, with subtlety, influence women into becoming housewives, I will now talk about what you should do if you accidentally marry a career woman.

If you marry a career woman then the first thing you do is to get her pregnant. You do this simply by having sex with her without contraception. If your wife says she is Catholic then remind her that the Pope says that using contraception is a sin. She doesn't want to go to Hell, doesn't she? You see, women naturally want children. That's how women are. But the career woman, as I said, has overridden nature through choice. Murray says the following: "Among humans, extensive empirical study has demonstrated that women are more attracted to children than are men, respond to them more intensely on an emotional level and get more and different kinds of satisfactions from nurturing them. Many of these behavioural differences have been linked with biochemical differences between men and women." Once you get the woman pregnant, then the hardest part is over.

If the woman is in a high position, she will be forced to stop work for nine months. This will cause huge disruptions to the firm she works for. If she really is important and valuable, it will be difficult for the firm to find a replacement. The firm will be really annoyed. I have heard it so often when I worked. One of my bosses complained that women always "get pregnant at the same time." It works like this: women are more likely to have sex during the winter because it is cold and they are indoors more. If they are more likely to have sex in the winter than during the summer they will have to leave to prepare themselves for labour and taking care of the baby. Hence the reason why they all leave at the same time. This generally annoys bosses, male and female ones. Imagine having huge amounts of your staff leaving all at once! No wonder women are paid less than men. And yet they complain about it!

Because of the disruption caused there is a reasonable chance she may not be hired when she applies again. Once the woman has the baby, then this is when the biological functions kick in. Strong biological urges will make her attached to the baby. If she takes care of the baby for a while she will develop a strong attraction to it and will likely want to stay with it forever. Furthermore, if things are going bad for her at the company, she will likely, with the new emotions in her for her baby, start to reevaluate the housewife versus career woman choice-and this time she is highly likely to make a switch. As Murray says, "Among women who have become mothers, the possibilities for high-level accomplishment in the arts and sciences shrink because, for innate reasons, the distractions of parenthood are greater. To put it in a way that most readers with children will recognize, a father can go to work and forget about his children for the whole day. Hardly any mother can do this, no matter how good her day-care arrangement or full-time nanny may be. My point is not that women must choose between a career and children, but that accomplishment at the extremes commonly comes from a single-minded focus that leaves no room for anything but the task at hand."

Once the woman is in the kitchen and making the food for you, then you have won. You have barely done anything either. She will never figure out what your true intentions are. Your money power over the woman will give you freedom and happiness for the rest of your life. The woman knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and we all know that the way to a woman's heart is with a fistful of dollars. If she makes her own money, her heart is with herself and she is independent. If she feeds off your money, then all her attention and focus will be towards you.

You are free to copy and paste this essay anywhere. This essay has no copyright whatsoever. You can copy and paste it word for word. Try to post it in a place where there are mainly males. If the odd female reads it that is not too much of a problem so long as many more young males read it and understand what they have to do to make the future better for men because the feminist machine is running strong and, without opposition from strong men, women will surely take over. If women take over, we will all suffer because women are not fit to rule.

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