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Chapter one

"Ok gather up people! Come on! Get your asses into line!" Mr Delaney nearly yelled himself hoarse; getting these kids to actually stand up and get off the bleachers was an accomplishment in itself. Never in his fifteen years as a coach had he seen a bunch of lazy youths, they'd rather lift a quarter pounder to their greedy little mouths than lift a quarter of a pound worth of weights.

There were some exceptions of course like the football team, basketball team and the baseball team and whatnot but the rest of the student body liked nothing better than to sit, eat and watch the sport rather than play it.

Physical education in this school did not deserve the name. It was established; he had his work cut out for him.

He then had a sudden brainwave, why hadn't he thought of it before? He said to himself.

He had a devilish smirk planted across his face; these kids won't know what hit them!

"Okay guys and gals, I have a fantastic lesson planned for you all!" he exclaimed excitedly, the students on the other hand looked somewhat dubious, and grumbled their disapproval to his cheerful behaviour.

"Come on! Move it! Move it! Get your asses on to the football field!" at the mention of the football field the female ratio of the class were on their feet before the guys had time to blink.

The guys grudgingly followed suit.

The plan was in motion.

"I wonder what coach has planned for us this time!" Jade Leyland huffed; she was one of the minorities that actually liked to play sports, occasionally. She got up off the bleachers and turned to tug on her best friends arm. "Come on Jared! Let's go and find out!"

"Are you kidding me? Didn't you hear the guy? He said that were going to the football field, which can mean only one thing: football!" his eyes bugged out of his head, "and according to my calculations the football team is still on it, that will lead to one thing and I'd rather not experience that again!" he was now shaking his head fervently, clearly against the idea.

"Oh come on Jared, you're just being paranoid now! No one is going to make fun of you; I'll make sure of it!" jade was a strong believer of kicking ass, when it was appropriate of course.

"Thanks jade but no thanks, don't take it personally but I don't think people will give up just because a girl told them to. I mean they like to alienate fat guys, namely me, they'll just love to make sexist remarks and I don't want that to happen, not to you. Ok?" he gave her a pleading look, he saw her giving in.

"Oh alright, fine! But you still have to come coach isn't gonna let you skip just because you think you're fat. Hell he'll probably say that it should give you incentive to exercise more!" she had her hands on her slender hips, her eyebrow cocked in an expression that clearly said: stop acting like a sissy Jared and get up!

Jared sighed but got up anyway and they both made their way to the field, not knowing that what was about to happen be going to change their lives forever…

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