This is just me venting my anger at him. This is the story of my sister.

I couldn't believe you left,

So sly and so devious.

But you did.


You left her all alone.

'I'll be there for you'

You lied to her.

How could you?


You smiled to her face,

And packed your things behind her back.

And you got on that plane,

Never once looking back.


We called you up

But you did not answer.

You're a coward and gutless boy

And you don't deserve her.


She had to learn it,

From your oblivious mother

She choked on her fear

'Oh Noel's gone to Australia for a year'


My sister wasn't mad at you.

But we all were.

She had partly expected it.


She acts strong during the day

But I hear her cry at night.

She has to do it all alone

Because you're not here tonight.


I hope you never miss her,

Because I know my sister won't miss you.

I hope you never miss you unborn child,

Because I know it'll not miss you.


I just needed it too say what I cant say to my sister. I don't want to upset her.