Author's Note: I have a twisted mind, I agree. My friends and I wanted to go get some food after snowboarding, only to realize we had no money. It was frosty on the car window so I wrote 'Need Money' on the window… and thus, with my abnormal mind, this story comes to life… how do you make something so innocent into something so twisted? Beats me even.

Summary: 'Need Money'. 'Need hooker'. All she wanted was cash for her drugs, while all he wanted was a good time. They compromise with one another, but what they did not expect, was for this one-night stand, to last much, much longer…


-One-Night Stand-



Jelensta Frazram prowled the dark streets without a fear.

Normally, she would've been scared out of her skulls.

But not today.

Not today, in her current situation. Her head pounded and her heart raced. She was desperate. Anything, just to get a puff… just one puff… and she would be calm; she would be satisfied.

She could just imagine what her parents would say if they knew what she was up to…

"I'm going to a friend's house..."

"At this time of the night?"

"Y-yes… I—I got to go…"

"But why? It's dangerous out right now!"


"O-okay, Lenta… but what for?"

She held her head. "Just… something important…"

Her mother sighed. "Be back before dawn, darling…"

But the door had already slammed shut.

This was one of the reasons why Jelensta dated her boyfriend—ex-boyfriend, now—Lenny for so long. The guy was a low-life failure, a future wife-beater, suspect of three murders, and as ugly as a hat full of assholes. Yet she stayed with him for years. This was one of the reasons.

Jelensta slumped against the wall and fell down, panting heavily.


She spotted a piece of cardboard not far off, and desperately, she grabbed it, as she pulled out her lipstick and smudged over two big words: "NEED MONEY."

She stood at the side of the road and waved it insanely at cars passing by.


No matter how bad Lenny was, at least he provided her with daily drugs. At a price, of course.

Nothing is for free in this world. But when you're high, getting raped isn't so bad. But the bastard got sick of her after four years being together, and picked up some other prostitute and dumped her without a warning.

Lenta had been dependent on drugs since she was twelve. At the age of eighteen, to live a day without them was unthinkable.

Who got her addicted on drugs? She couldn't tell you.

Could it be her dad who smoked it at home? Her friends who told her to do it to be "cool"? Her wild side that just wanted to do illegal things? Or was it Lenny? Perhaps if he didn't provide the supplies for her, she would've gotten over it after some painful days… but it's much too late now.

So her dad paid his price. He died two years ago from an overdose. Maybe her friends paid theirs, too, since they were just losers on the streets now without a home to go to, a place to eat, nor bed a sleep on.

But what about her? Is she going to end up like them? She hoped not. But for now, all she could think of was the drugs.

Hawk Fechner tiptoed out of his room quietly. On his bed laid his girlfriend, Danielle, sleeping soundly.

Hawk's real name was actually Fawke Fechner, but he figured Fawke, if it had an "s" on the end, would sound kind of like "fox." Besides, he liked hawks. There was something… free about them… so unlike him… always expected to be the perfect guy, in this perfectly, nice, rich, and kind family. Always having to be the guy who would love every girl and never break her heart. Who would pamper those of opposite gender and respect the elderly.

He wasn't a servant, oh no. In fact his status was somewhat close to a prince's. But at times, he certainly felt like a slave—programmed what to do and how to be perfect.

Just one night… he thought to himself. Just ONE damn night! Can't I have some fun?

Such words if uttered to his parents would've horrified them. They had deluded themselves by believing that they brought up a handsome and gentlemanly little boy whose heart loves doing what he does, and whose brain agrees and enjoys his every gesture and every perfect movement and every proper word that flows out of his mouth.

Well, quite opposite actually.

On the outside, he seemed to be a charmer, and was sincere to his every word; while on the inside, he wanted to spit at someone and drop a chandelier on their head and knock some sense into them.

He grabbed his coat and carefully climbed out the window.

"Just one night won't hurt…" he muttered. "No one has to know…"

He glanced one last time at Danielle, his long-time girlfriend, his hoping-to-be-fiancé, a girl his parents wished him to propose to. But he won't. She was matched with him by the elders and by the public, while he felt nothing for her. Oh sure, he treated her like a princess and pretended to be lusting for her.

She fell for it, that foolish girl, and she truly believed herself to be the luckiest woman on earth to be spoiled and adored by a man of such high status.

Danielle turned over in her sleep and muttered, "Fawke…"

He scowled a bit. He hated it when people called him "Fawke." But in such a proper family, no way would they call him "Hawk" just because he thought it sounded "cooler." But that didn't lessen his hatred by one bit.

Hawk lowered himself down to the ground and landed soundlessly on the flower bed beneath his window. He skittered through the tulips and daisies and flowers of different colours and sizes until he reached the gates.

"Gotta love it when parents trust you too much…"

He swung open the gate quickly, snuck to the other side, and shut it silently.

Once he was far enough from his home, he couldn't help but to jump into the air and cry a little "woo-hoo!"

The nightlife was so different than his life at home. But that was what he craved, didn't he? Somewhere near the doorway of a bar, he could smell thick smoke. The smell made him choke, yet he walked boldly towards it as he found a group of teenagers around his age there. Hawk was nineteen, and those people there didn't seem much older than him, but they were having such a wild time.

He tapped a young man on the shoulder.

The guy spun around with a smug expression.

"Hello there, sire. My name is Fawke Dan Phillis Fechner. But you can call me Hawk," he said proudly, holding out his hand.

The guy raised an eyebrow, ignored him, and continued talking to his friends.

"Excuse me, sir; I believe I was speaking with you."

Still, no response.

"SIR! I simply wish to join you in your appealing activities!"

"Fuck off, loser." He swung his hand back carelessly, and it whacked Hawk right across the face.

He stumbled back in surprise, but left quickly, seeing the death glare the guy sent him.

Where did I go wrong? he wandered as he walked by a closed store. He glanced to the side and blinked. "No wonder…" he muttered to himself.

Inside there was a mirror. And in the mirror he saw his reflection.

Blonde hair gelled back, grey eyes warm and not at all dangerous, skin smooth and creamy to the point it was almost a bit girly, turtleneck sweater tugged inside his beige ironed pants. A black long coat hung neatly on his shoulders. Expensive necklaces and bracelets and rings glistened on him. Leather shoes clamped his feet. His every walk was balanced, his back was straight, and his head held high.

"Oh dear lord…" he muttered in disbelief. "I most certainly am a loser!"

"Yeah, I agree!" Some girl walked by with her friends snickered at him.

"I really must fix my speech!" He groaned. "Remember—slangs, cool talk, no more of this proper grammar language with dictionary words. Start swearing. How would you describe an ugly man? 'Sir, you are gorgeous, but I know your full potential has not yet been brought out.' NO! NO, dammit! No! This won't work."

He glanced off across the street where a bald teenage guy with tattoos all over his body was beating the crap out of another puny one.

"Yeah, that's right you little shit! Fucker! Suck on daddy's dick, you little man-whore! Who's the man now, huh? ANSWER ME, YOU SHITFACE! WHO'S DA MAN NOW, HUH?!" He kicked the guy one last time as the girls surrounding him cheered a bit louder.

Hawk winced. "Wow… but if that's what I have to be… well, hell, worth a try…" Hawk stripped off his shirt and shook his hair messy and unruly. He walked towards the bald man confidently. "What is up, yo, bro?"

The guy spun around and raised an eyebrow. "Fuck off loser, I'm busy."

"Yo, dog, let's do some cool weed together."

The guy shook his head at Hawk slowly, like he was mentally retarded. "Are you fucked in here?" he questioned, pointing at his head.

"Sire—I mean, sir—I mean, yo—"

But there was suddenly a hard blow across his face and Hawk found himself on the ground, choking, and coughing up blood.

"I'll give you one more warning. Leave."

Hawk took the hint well and left quickly with the snickering of the bald man's friends ringing in his ears.

"Please…" Jelensta begged, falling to the ground. "I need… money…"

"Are you hungry?"

Jelensta looked up. A kind gentleman stood before her, smiling kindly.

"Yes, yes!" she cried eagerly. "Very hungry, give me someone, please!"

He smiled. "You poor thing… I'll take you to my house. I'm a very rich man, you know. I'll have them cook anything you want, and I'll even give you a place to sleep in."

Jelensta's smile fell. "What?"

"Is that not good enough?" He laughed. "Women these days are so hard to please… Free shopping spree tomorrow?"

"FUCK YOU!" Jelensta screamed, throwing her sign at him. "WHY DON'T YOU GET IT?! WHY?! JUST GIVE ME THE FUCKING MONEY AND GO!"

Hawk sat by the curb and sighed. This was turning out to be a bad day… Maybe the goodie-two-shoe stuff was just what he was good at…


Hawk winced at the sound and turned to the side, watching a girl beating the hell out of this well-dressed, handsome guy.

"She's gotta teach me how to be like that… And besides…"

He took a few steps closer and realized she was very beautiful. She was attractive, even at her worst. Long, fiery red hair fell down her back, wavy and light. Her skin was creamy, though unnaturally pale. Her bright green eyes had a tone of blue in them and were very bright… with… with pain? She curved at all the right places, and wore tight clothes to show them off.

"Well… I could use a good time tonight…"

Danielle's always willing…

Hawk groaned. "With a girl who can teach me a lesson on being 'cool' at the same time… Gosh… how many people have to fight with their conscience in this world?"

He waited until the poor beaten guy scurried away, and made his advances.

He whistled slightly and inched towards her. When they were only about a meter apart, she finally looked up at him, black eyeliner dripping down her face.

She was crying…

"What the fuck do you want?"

"A good time," he said, raising his eyebrows suggestively. "I'm willing to pay for it, of course."

She stared at him in disbelief. "You want me to sleep with you!" she gasped.

He was sly. "Maybe."

"You think I'm a prostitute!" she cried, clearly offended.

"Well, that depends…"

"Oh, what?"

He walked over and picked up the sign that she threw across the street, and handed it back to her. "This yours?"

She grumbled. "Yeah, so what?"

"So, it depends if you want the money or not."

She seemed to hesitate. Clearly not the type that goes around sleeping with guys as a hobby, Hawk noted with a touch of admiration.

Finally, she looked up. And being so close to her, Hawk flinched a bit seeing something inside her eyes shine… something inhumane and strange.

"How much are you willing to pay?"

"How much do you need?"

"Fifty dollars."

He was shocked. "That's it?"

"That's how much I need, that's not how much I'm gonna charge you."

He smiled a bit. Sneaky girl…

She considered. "Eight thousand."

He gasped. "You're joking with me."

"You're asking me to sleep with you! Do you know what kind of an insult that is to me to be considered a hooker? You hurt my pride!"

His lips curled a bit. He wondered if this was right, since as far as he was concerned, the only girls he had slept with were his girlfriends.

Well, to hell with this!

He held out his hand. "Where's the nearest hotel?"

She seemed reluctant still, but at last, gave her hand to him. "I'll take you there."

She was so incredibly sweet.

Hawk loved it. Her skin tasted like honey and she smelt like sugar. Her lips were soft moisture against his skin and he was in heaven.

It has been a while since he had felt such lust for someone. She was smooth, seductive, and passionate. He tongue was warm and wet, her long gorgeous hair sweaty and sticking to his skin.

To be able to touch her so generously, to look at her so freely, to know such a tender being exists in this world alone, warmed his heart. Especially since he has been able to touch her.

She laid her head gently on his chest. Blankets scattered around them.

"I think I'm in love…" Hawk whispered.

She said nothing.

"What's your name?"

"What's yours?"


"Your real name."

How'd she know? He was amused. "Fawke Dan Phillis Fechner."

She looked into his eyes, with alarm. "Fechner? Weren't you that super-rich guy who got engaged to the princess of—?"

He touched her lips. "Cancelled. Even if it were not, I'd divorce her after one look at you."

Jelensta looked away.

"I haven't caught your name yet, miss."

"Jelensta Frazram."

"Jelensta… that's a pretty name…"

"Yeah, thanks…" She started getting up.

Hawk shivered, feeling the cold the moment her body left his.

"Now where's my money?"

He reached over and pulled out $8000 and handed it to her.

She counted the money and began dressing.

He grabbed her wrist. "What do you need the money for?" He was curious. Something seemed so sad about her… something was dying inside her eyes. It was abnormal.

She didn't look at him. With her back still towards him, she replied in a monotone, "Food, shelter."

"Lies." He could see her flinching at his word. "I saw the other guy. He offered you food, shelter, and a free shopping spree, but you didn't want it. You wanted money. What for?"

She seemed alarm at first, then unwilling, then defeated as a sigh escaped her lips. She turned around, and stared at him right in the eyes. "Drugs."

He blinked. "Excuse me?"

"Drugs," she repeated.

"I know. I heard you…" he said softly. "But… why?"

"Because… I can't take the pain… I need the drugs… I can't go on without it…"

"Yes, you can. I'll take you far, far away… to a place where there is nothing but you and me, and I will focus on you, and you will focus on me, and everything else will be lost…"

Jelensta wanted to believe him. In his grey eyes… they were so kind, so determined… oh, how she wanted to believe him and escape this life of being a druggie.

"I cannot have such a beauty taken away from the world so soon…"

Jelensta's heart pounded, crying out in pain. But she ignored it. She wanted to believe him. Fawke Dan Phillis Fechner. She wanted to be with him and ignore all else.

He held out his hand.

She took it.

And together, they went off, deep into the woods, high up in the sky, hid in the water, explored the mountains, and crossed the land.

No one knew where they went, or what they did.

A week later, Hawk came back.


Jelensta was never seen again.

Hawk refused to speak about her. In fact, he never mentioned her name or where he had been all that time. He simply refused to speak at all.

What happened to Jelensta?

Nobody knew.

Had Hawk killed her?

Was she unable to survive the attack by the lack of drugs?

Had an accident happen?

Could Hawk have finally given into her request and had her die of an overdose?

These are questions we'll never know.

But one thing is for certain.

Hawk never wanted to be called Hawk again. He was Fawke, and nothing else.

Author's Note: The beginning isn't very good… in fact I was thinking so much about the ending… but it wouldn't make sense if I didn't post this part… and I know, I ended it in a cliff-hanger, it's just that I haven't written in so long I just want a FINISHED piece… and I wanted to end it RIGHT there… because if I didn't… I could've dragged on for another 6000 words… :P