Immortal - Prologue

Here begins the adventures of a normal guy in the year 2006. Please read and review. I will really treasure your comments. It will help shape my writing style.

He sat up in bed, attempting to sort his dreams out. One moment, he was this poor beggar, and the other moment, he was this cool dictator. He straightened his back, his eyes widening in horror. He was a female swordsman in the other dream. He shook his head, executing a futile attempt to ignore his dreams. It was the same for a few nights now. Whoa… He could most probably be the most creative guy in the world. Who else but him could have experienced such dreams, rich in detail, and each different from another, to the point that you could even be a female … Not that he despised females. But dreaming to the point that you have had a sex change? That's one thing.

He turned his head to the wall clock. 6 am. Time for school. He hopped off the bead and grabbed a pile of books off his table, shoving them into his school bag. He left his apartment and started for the streets. It was then, that it happened. He was in the middle of the road ( obvious that he was jay walking ) when there was this acute headache. He crumpled to the floor, clutching his temples. This was the kind of headache that no-one on earth has ever experienced before, because of the fact that he can risk his life just for a hopeless attempt of relieving your pain. So, he was kneeling on the road, when this speeding car came across the bend and rammed into him. He spun into the air, as the car continued speeding below him, and crashed into the road.

Dazed, he sat helplessly in the middle of the road. Somehow, his collision with the car had eased his headache. Unfortunately, the collision brought about other annoying aches around the body. He touched his forehead and found it wet. Blood. That was when another van came along and sent him soaring through the air again. It was the final straw.

He lay on the road, eyes to the sky. Still dark. Dark enough to see stars. He raised his hand and began to count the stars. Damn load of stars tonight. Or is it morning? He couldn't tell. He slipped into unconsciousness.