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Immortal – Untying Knots

Joel woke up. He blinked his eyes multiple times to clear away the foggy feeling of awakening from a deep sleep. He attempted to push himself upwards, so that he could get a clearer view of where he was.

"Hello. Don't try anything rash." A voice sweet to the point of sickening entered his ears. Somehow, he found it familiar.

"Where am I?"

"Hospital. Comeon. Don't move. You have loads of broken bones over there."

"Nah. I know. I can recover …" He let his words hung in mid-air. There was pain in his limbs and torso. Joel frowned.

"Where's my watch?" He asked the nurse.

She took it from the drawer by his bed.

"Why am I here?"

"You, are a lucky fellow. You got rammed down by a car, a van, a truck and a lorry. Only the lorry stopped to help you up and call an ambulance. The first three were hit-and-run cases."

He was sure he had heard it before.

"When was it?"

"This morning. You have been in a coma for over 4 hours." She took out an X-ray photo. " You have 57 bone fractures, most of them shattered and powdered, plus an additional 9 major cuts on you. And yep, you have brain concussion. I suggest you take a rest."

There could only be two possibilities that would explain his current situation. First being, that the God of Time had rewind time and placed him back before all this had happened. He had only to await the arrival of the enemy titan. Second, being the fact that it was all a dream.

The scary part was, he had nothing to assure him that either of these two possibilities were true. His powers were removed for the time being. Unless …

"What are you thinking of? You seem so far away"

The nurse questioned, while in the midst of folding his crumpled blanket.

"Nothing. Just thinking."

The god of science had only mentioned the removal of his powers, not his memories. He pulled himself into his mind and searched for his memories. He found them, in stacks and piles. Joel released his hold and snapped back into reality. All this was real, then.

The nurse had left his room, leaving him alone, facing four blank walls. Joel could not move a single bone and he knew it. He put himself to sleep and entered his mind. He proceeded to live in his memories, carefully inspected and understanding more of his past. If he were to draw an analogy, he would be studying hard for a test now. And the test would be the final showdown between him and the enemy titan. He had nothing to do currently, and he reckoned that his past could be of some help somehow.

Joel carefully sorted his memories apart. He spent the entire afternoon doing it, leaving his mind only to have lunch and dinner. His parents most probably had not received word of his hospitalization yet. He had much time before he had to settle a few more responsibilities in the reality.

He had 1507 girlfriends/wives in total. And among these numbers, he had broken up with 349 of them. 451 of them died before him. He sighed. It was painful going through all these memories. Heart-breaking ones. But he had to deal with it. Lightening the load of his mind would help a lot, he assumed, during the battle.

He had to make preparations. He continued to sort and number the various memories into their categories. Under love, hate, happy, sad, jealousy … He first pushed all the memories aside and sorted most of them into their respective emotions. Memories would all be filled with emotions, regardless of what you are. Then he shoved himself into each mountain of emotion and proceeded to branching out the memories in it. For example, he separated the memories in love, into heart-broken love, family love, hopeless love, satisfactory love and so on. Once in a time, came these random memories that frustrated him, for they had contained mixed emotions and he didn't know where to categorize and place them.

Joel was almost done when he stumbled back into reality. There was a knock on the ward door and a girl stepped into the room. He ransacked his memories in search of her name.

"Hi, Joel."

"Hello." He had still not found her name yet. He took a picture of her with his eyes and scanned it to his mind, allowing it to browse and search through his memories. Joel realized that he could be an organic supercomputer by now.

The girl moved to sit down beside him. She wrapped her palms around his hand. It sent a wave of pain down through him and he winced, crying out.

"I'm so sorry." She cried and released her hands.

"I didn't realize that you had an injury in your arm." She purred.

"If you don't mind, please take the X-ray photo by the drawer and carefully inspect the number of injuries I have, before attempting to touch me."

Joel had remembered her name by now. She was one of his infatuations in high school class. This was one of the responsibilities that he had to settle in real life, he reckoned.

"A penny for your thoughts." She asked.

"Nothing. Just thinking, that's all. What happened in class today?"

"You really want to know?"

Joel nodded.


He nodded again.


He got impatient. "Get straight to the point."

"The whole class was real happy upon hearing the news that you got rammed down by the vehicles." She added. "I'm sorry."

"Nah, it's not your fault anyway, Nicole."

The deity scanned his mind, searching for the reasons as to why the class was so happy, when they had heard about his misfortune. Who could be so evil. He knew the reasons, soon enough.

" Confucius said, 'Do unto others, what you want others to do unto you.' Could be that I was super evil in class." He mumbled.

"What?" Nicole asked worriedly.

"Huh? Oh. Nothing."

" Joel, I realized you are kind of weird today."

"How, so?"

She bent forward to kiss him on the forehead. "You aren't so good to me, you know. You always scolded me. And you hated the class. You may most probably have shouted vulgarities when you knew of the fact that the class was so happy."

"Never mind. The doctor says that I have brain concussion."

"Really? Will you get better?" She appeared shock.

"Should be."

Joel looked at the girl. She was cute. Pretty and attractive. But he couldn't find other reasons as to why he had fell for he, besides her looks. He had to settle her. He took a deep breath and geared himself for what was to come next.

" Nicole?"

"Yep?" She was playing with her fringe.

"Erm. I think you should find someone else. I mean, er. I'm not suitable for you, you know." He bit his fingernails., nervously and continued. "I mean, I don't have good grades anyway and this is all just infatuation you know. It won't last. You just have to get over it?"

"What do you mean?" She asked cheerfully. He felt guilty.

"We should break up. I mean, what do you like of me, apart from my looks? You don't really like me, at all."

"Oh, no. I do." Her eyes were red.

"We should really break up. If you like me, I have to say this. I don't really like you. I just find your looks attractive, that's all. You should just go find someone else who deserve you more than me."

"You are kidding me, aren't you?"

"No, I'm serious. Please leave, Nicole. Maybe we can stay as friends. But, our relationship can't go on."

"I … I guess so." And she fled from the room, in tears.

Joel stared at the ceiling. He closed his eyes and opened them again, after a while. Was he evil and bad? He had broken another heart. He told himself that it would end up like that, sooner or later.

'It's for her own good.' He thought. It would be harder for them to break up if it was delayed. And the god of science may harm her. The enemy titan may hold her as a hostage if he had found out that he was going out with her. That would be bad, he considered. He had to kill the titan, which means endangering the life of Nicole.

Joel felt that he was back in square one. There was only one solution. He had to abandon his current life and lead a new one. Start it all over again. He would have to say goodbye to his parents and friends ( if he had any ). He had to prevent the harm that could dawn upon them if he were to continue living among them.

The old Joel would not have cared any less. The current Joel had to make up for his evil past. But now, he needed help.

"Time, are you there?"

No response.

"Please. Answer me."

Oh. Yes? What do you want. I was busy in the other world.

"Can you heal me? I have to escape."

Escape? Why?

"Won't the enemy titan harm my friends and family?"

I guess so. You are right. I am old. Left out that fact. Close your eyes.


Just do it.

Joel shut his eyes. The world around him spun and he fell back along a passage, flying backwards. It seemed like ages, the atmosphere around him constantly changing. Finally, everything came to a standstill.

It's done. Now, pardon me. I have to leave. I'm busy and have other things to attend to.

He nodded. Joel looked down. He was standing on a pavement, wearing a black cloak. He looked through his sunglasses, admiring his image in one of the windows. Everything on him was black, like in the Matrix movies.

Joel heard crying nearby. He frowned and walked towards it, without knowing why. He was curious. It was then he realized that he had recovered.

He followed the muffled cryings into a void deck of a building. There was a funeral going on. Chinese style, with the yellow cloth and a photo on the table. He looked at the photograph, and took a step backwards.

It was him. His funeral. He hurriedly looked around, and saw his parents, relatives and Nicole. They were crying. His elder brother was patting Nicole lightly on the back, comforting her.

"He just broke up with me today …" She muttered softly, wiping away her tears.

Joel wanted to comfort his parents. He wanted to shout out to them, that he was all right, that he wasn't dead. He then thought better of it and left the void deck. He better exit before anyone noticed him. He shoved his hand into his pocket and walked away briskly.

There was something in his pocket. A wallet of some sort He took it out of his pocket and went through it, as he walked on. A credit card, few thousand bucks, an identity card which stated him, 21 years of age. He sure looked old enough. Nothing else. He reckoned he needed nothing much more to leave one. After all, money was the key to everything in this world.

He sat down on a bench and flipped over the identity card. He half expected to find his name, but was not surprised to find another. Anthony Jones.

He was Anthony. Something wet dripped onto the back of his palm. He was crying. He wept the tears away and stood up. He shut his eyes tightly to squeeze out any other tears. Another drop fell on his hand. This time, it was rain. It intensified after a while to form a drizzle, then again, to become a shower. He winced and imagined the God of Time laughing at him from up there, somewhere.

He had to defeat the God Of Science. He had to. That was the only way he could get back to his parents. He had no other roué left now. The only way was front.

Anthony stepped forward and trudged down the pavement among the raindrops, his hands in his pockets. He should not be sad. Or crying. Anyway, he had handled this before. Hadn't he had thousands of similar losses? Yet, sadness was an emotion that was hard to keep at bay.

He proceeded to walk faster. The deity promised himself that he would not experience such sadness again. It was either kill or be killed, anyway. The knots were all untied now. He had no more mortal worries. Yet, he was wrong.