The Kiss

I sift through memory, look back and wonder,

Did I do the right thing? Or just another blunder?

There were all the things that could have been

Then there was the kiss, and all it means to me.

The sea breeze was sharp and chilling, I remember the taste of salt in my mouth as I finally slipped my hand into yours. And it was so soft and warm; I wanted to melt away.

The way your every hai d, luscious.

The wind on your cheek and your girlish blushes.

My mind wanders, to you and me

And picnics and sunshine under the love tree.








But on the border of my discontent, we walked along hand in hand, until we reached the end of the pier. And all we could do was stop and look at each other.

You looked in my eyes, I placed my hands on your hips,

Then I moved closer and you parted your lips.


The endless summer passing by,

Is what could be, just you and me,

And birds and bees and eternal bliss

All spouted from that one kiss.

To hold you close, to see you leave

And at your return feel my heart jump, relieved.

To share in every single grin,

And feel you against my skin.

And I knew once we parted that this was always how I wanted it to be,

Being the Fool, that is me.

I walked you to your home and you wondered at the dullness in my eye.

And as our fingertips part, I sing from my heart, our last goodbye.





I need to be.

After we kissed, I had to resist

Spending my whole life with you.

But I'll leave it at that one kiss

Perfect, in ways I'll always miss

I'll just live with that dream

And the low self-esteem,

What if I was wrong?!

Although you could be m e

(But then surely we'd be brought back together by fate?)

I am content with just this glimpse at what could be

Because I can't ruin the portrait of you and me.


Just for memories sake,

So there's no arguments and heartbreak,

Just one kiss,

I'll forever miss.

But always, always, always, this crush on you.

I'll just have to live with it.