one would think/you were illiterate-

death eats away at my fingers
and as i tease it
like a cat with a mouse (but
which am i?), i remember
your favorite thing to say
to me, late at night, when .down. ::


so fucking much
that it hurts to let my friends
and everyone else in that "diverse"
hallway of fun
know what we've been up to.
(and i

don't even know
if i feel the same)
(but they don't know
what I'm going through-
-suck it up, sarah).

beautiful green eyes on the horizon light my way
(i thought they were brown yesterday)
and at 3:33, it's time
to make my wish-

ohgodohgod PLEASE let me live through
today. death
eats away at my fingers,
as i tease it
and "love" ruins

- from that fancy language you keep using.