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My mom bought me a new journal. So here I am being a nice little daughter and making it look like I'm enjoying the gift. Well, while I'm here I guess I can write a few things…My name is Rachael. My friends call me rae. I'm kind of tall. Not. 5'4. I have typical blue eyes and below shoulder length dirty blonde hair. I just turned 17 today and I have my license. Fun. Fun. Fun. Well actually it is pretty cool for the first day. Then when you finally drive to that Taco Bell you've craved for so much, you get really bummed. You can have it whenever you want now and it loses it spicy taste in a way.

Jake was peering over my shoulder being his usual nosey self. His scruff on his chin/cheek area rubbed against my neck. I could feel myself turn into the shade of a tomato.

"Or you could just add that spicy sauce." He took a large bite out an awkwardly large peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yuck. School food.

I blinked and tried to understand what the hell he was talking about. Oh…the spicy part. I'm blonde. Well dirty blonde. Don't blame me.

"Oh. Ha. I get it. Your funny. But don't quit your day job."

"Oh yeah. Working at Cvs is definitely the life for me."

We were in the cafeteria at school. Slightly hungry I took a huge chunk from my apple. My blue eyes shifted to Jakes' eyes. If I was a normal girl, I would melt in place. His baby blue eyes seemed to gleam back at me. I laughed and pushed him away from being so close.

He scent seemed overwhelming and I could just hug him and never let go. Mmm some kind spice. Ah. Is thinking about raping one of your friends bad? Okay. Rape equals bad. Got it. He was tall, spiky hair, blue eyes, football player. What's more to ask for? Definitely considering that rape thing again.

I gave up on the diary and closed it. My name was embroidered on the cover. The my eyes drifted to Tommy as he sketched away on a piece of paper. He was the nerdy artsy kind of guy. Shoulder length straight black hair, dark hazel eyes, skinny in a cute way. He always asked opinions on deep things. Which was slightly amusing. A while ago he asked Jake what a certain painting looked like to him.

Jake replied " Well to me it looks likes some asshole who needs to raise money by throwing mustard on a board."

Of course you can only assume Tommy's reaction. He went and cried in the corner like the emotional boy he is. No. I'm only kidding. He actually later on got revenge on Jake by throwing real mustard on him.

Ah. The benefits of hanging around guys. After this very touching memory moment I realized that Crystal had joined us. She had long black hair and a face no one could forget. Funny how I'm surrounded by beautiful people while I wear possibly the baggiest clothes ever, with my flimsy dirty blonde hair in a pony tail, and plain blue eyes.


" There's fucking chunks in my lip gloss." Crystal sneered at the tube of lip plumber and made a face that would send anyone on the floor into a fit of laughs. Crystal was the type of girl that could make any awkward situation, into a party.

She was the life of most parties. She supplied the drugs and alcohol. Connections helped. The only thing threatening her reputation was the rumors that flew around. People thought that she was a slut. They're just jealous. We straightened them out anyways.

By this time Crystal started rapidly jabbing her lip gloss stick into the tube as if it would help the chunks disappear. Getting frustrated she tossed it at Tommy. It hit his forehead dead on with a thickening clunk.

Dead silence.

We all burst out into laughter.

"You should have seen the look on your face….hahaha."

"Yeah. Yeah." As if he was hit with something(haha) he practically shouted, "We're still going to the party to night, right?"


I snorted which caused more laughter to come from our mouths. Okay. No one said we were normal either. We were all entertained by the weirdest shit. To begin with, our group was made up of a little bit of each click.

A jock

An art geek

A tom boy


A cool kid.

Some of those might intertwine but they were actually really different. I stood to throw out my trash and I collided with a prep. That cheesy song popped into my head. "You and I collide." Of course I laughed. Random. I know. Did you figure out now? Incase you didn't, I'm the tom boy.

He smirked and winked. Barf. I simply gave him a creepy look and went on my merry way. Damn assholes. Thinking they can score with whoever just because they have an ass.


later that day

I collapsed on Crytals' bed and grinned. Crystal was sorting through her clothes and tossed a few shirts she liked on her desk. She grabbed onto her back of Marlboro menthols and lit one up. Smoke swirled around me like I was in church.


"Tonights' party is going to be insaneeeeeeeeee" I felt high off life.

"Of course it will." Crystal grinned wide and stepped away from the mirror. Her makeup looked amazing. She looked like a sparkly gem. I wanted to hug her. Black flattering pants, and a ruby looking shirt that… I don't even want to know how she got into.

She applied some glitter to her cheeks and smiled at me.

"Did you shave?"

"What kind of question is that?" She threw clothes at me. My eye caught the nothing-ness called a skirt.

"Hell no!" I rolled off the bed and made a face trying to claw away. I'll stick to my baggy jeans and guy shirts. "No! I refuse to wear …that!" I pointed and made another face trying to point out my disgust.

"No stop!" She pounced on me as I tried to make my get away.

"I'm sick of your looking like a man at my parties. Enough is enough." She yanked me up with surprising strength and glared.





one hour later

"No….how could you?" I moaned turning off my jeep.

I stepped out of my car and shook my head. She won the fight. I was wearing a white skirt with a flowy silver shirt. My hair was down and straightened and I actually had makeup on. What has the world come to? She basically threatened to tell my crush that I like him.

That's a big no no. I had no choice. Right? Well I cheated anyways. Five minutes into the party I could change back into my old comfy clothes.

The high heels I was wearing made a clank in on the cold concrete and I wanted to run. Crystal came to my side and looped her arm through mine. Damn.

"Where the hell did you get those?" She poked my boob.

"Ouch." I pinched her back.

"And since when did you have natural highlights?" She yanked on my hair.

"I wish I could go play basketball."

"Time to party hardy."

The words I dreaded the most. I was going to become the laughing stock of the century. Okay, maybe not that long. Once we were in sight of the house I tried to flee.

"NO." Her arm tightened and I winced.


We walked up the steps of the house and I held in my breath. Here it comes. I opened the door and Tommy was climbing down the stairs with Jake following. Tommy stopped which sent Jake almost falling back.

"Hey what the…" Jake noticed.

"TA DA!" Crystal was delayed but it still had an effect. I guess. She's evil. EVIL. I resisted an urge to growl at her.

"Um…who are you and what have you done to my friend?" Tommy asked.

Jake ran to me and hugged me tightly. I blushed and his breath ran along my neck. Shivers cascaded down my spine. He then pushed away, grabbing my hand, and spun me around like I was a dancer.

I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and and utterly gay.

"She said she would one day , so me being evil and all…annnnddd this is me taking all the credit for it. Give me gifts later. Now we have a party to go to."

I glanced up to finally get a good look at Tommy's reaction. His mouth was slightly ajar and he was fixated. Gosh. I guess makeup does wonders. I blushed again and smiled meekly at him. He smirked and seemed to scratch his head as if thinking of something to say.

He had made his way down the last few steps and hugged me.

"You look beautiful." He whispered and I smirked. Me? Beautiful? Maybe I should try this out more often.


I went to pull out of the hug but he held on. " Can we talk later… about something."

"Um sure?"


Jake was complementing Crystal as they flirted away. It was cute. Everything seemed prefect. Maybe I'd get my chance with my Romeo. When we had finally seen enough, Crystal grabbed hold of me.

No. Party. People! AHHHH!

With this I was whisked away into the night into the hands of crazy friends.


Well? Was it as bad as I think it is? Thanks for reading!