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Revenge ehh? Why didn't I think of that? She had hung up and said we'd set the plan into effect later on. I didn't think much of it at all. I was not the revenge kind of person.

Jake had stopped by on Sunday to make sure I hadn't killed myself. You know, making sure I hadn't flung myself off the roof or even worse, tried to kill myself with a plastic knife.

Yeah. Plastic knives are deadly. You can't read their minds. Watch out.

So anyways...I basically stayed in my house all weekend. Dwelling about and so forth. What's a girl to do when she gets her heart ?! You want to mess? Lets go. I could take you on! Bring IT.

Well one things for sure, I could kick your butt in basketball. Phew. Weakling.

I stared at the mess called my room from my bed. This week was midterms. The after midterms came winter break. Fun fun fun.

I got to study a lot due to my avoiding Tommy. Crystal would occasionally stop by and add more to her evil plan. Didn't I tell you she was evil? Well, I think the plan was just a way for me to try and vent anger.

Why think of a plan? I could just go find Angelica and kick her ass. One problem. I've never been in a fight before. Note to self. Take karate lessons.

Midterms passed and I had a grand time trying to figure out why I bothered taking chemistry ,which was my last exam. Tossing the book off the bed I dived into my pillows trying to find an escape. One last exam.

Bloody hell.


Crystal thought it was hysterical when she changed my ringer. So did I but I never let her knew I thought it was side splitting. That girl was a mess.

I rolled off the bed and scrambled for my phone on the floor. Don't even bother asking how it got there. I honestly do not know.


Things like this ringer made me feel incredibly white. To the point where I blended in with the snow. I chuckled and picked it up without even bothering to check the ID.

"Hey!" I kept laughing looking at my skin which was pale white.


I felt my eyes go wide and then my mouth gap open. Was it Tommy? He had stopped calling me a while ago. Why would he call me now? Hope sprung in my heart.


"Knock Knock"

There was a knock on my door.

The phone dropped. I jumped and hugged my pillow. Next thing I know Crystal jumps through the door with some purse that looked like it could eat her alive.


"Bitch! I was seriously scared!"

"That, my dear, was the point. Okay. So to pull you out of this mood I have a surprise!"

Oh dear. She was going to do something big. I could tell. Brace yourself.

"Grab your keys we're going to the mall!"

The mall isn't that bad. Right?

An hour later

We had by now gone into almost every store. I stopped at a store that had a lot of gizmos. Poking each one, I knew that they looked strangely familiar.


My dad always sent me over all these gizmos for gifts on my birthday or Christmas. So that's were they came from. Way to go dad.

Next we went to a few stores and Crystal basically forced me to try on clothes. Then when I'd come out of the dressing room, she would have them all paid for already. I was wondering why there were no tags on the outfits.

Damn. Now I feel guilty. I didn't want her buying me new clothes.

I hugged her when we left. She was such a great friend. Next time we went out, I was paying.

So now we both had changed into cute little outfits. She had a denim skirt and a black top that said "Make my day.". I didn't feel like getting dressed up like that and just wore a pair of tight jeans and a shirt saying…

"Bow chicka bow wow," a random guy passing said aloud. Yeah. That's what my shirt said.

It was a pretty funny shirt. The saying came from a stupid college video of Red versus Blue. The college students made their own role playing game off the game Halo. I never understood what it meant but a lot of guys had come up to me and said "Cool shirt!"


It was weird but this actually helped me. If random guys came up to me to say hi now, I could handle it. While back a few weeks ago I would have to be drunk. Extremely drunk. I think I'm progressing.

We passed by a store called 'Ulta' and I glanced inside. Makeup. Foreign tools to me. Apparently Crystal had noticed my staring and then smiled big at me.

"oh...this ones going to be fun."


2 Hours later

I came out of the store with shorter hair and my makeup done. Crystal pick out about 60 different things for me, makeup wise. BUT I paid for them. In the back of the store there was also a salon. That's when I decided that I wanted a hair cut. It's above my shoulders but long layers. Not too bad looking and it felt ten times lighter.

I felt great. Not sluttish like the other night when I had gotten dressed up. I had decent looking clothes and sparkles streaming down my face. A gay man inside 'Ulta' said I looked fabulous. That must mean something if it's coming from a gay man. Right?

My stomach growled which sent Crystals head towards the food court.

Off we go!

It was like an adventure in a forest of insane people. Some gangster's stared and put up their signs.

Represent G!

Once again I was feeling incredibly white.

A Goth walked by me and stared like I was going to turn into a monkey and do a trick for him.

Run away… ah!

I caught up with Crystal who was in Panda Express line. Chinese food aroma filled my senses. The little old Chinese man next to me held a tray of chicken that was free. I snatched 4 pieces and popped them all in my mouth at once.

"Pig," Crystal's voice sneered in my ear. Just to prove her right I oinked loudly which sent everyone in the line staring at me.

"Yo quiero taco bell."

Did I even say that right? Crap. I hope I didn't offend anyone around me.

Then I did my most favorite thing to do in a mall. I stepped infront of my friend and stared at the ground.

"Oh my god. Sir, excuse me sir. You just stepped on my lizard."

The elder man looked up and then at the ground.

"What am I going to…ahh you just squished him around. He's dead. Oh my…" I forced tears out. The man paid for his food and left.

Later I asked a security guard named Jacob to help me find my pet snake. I dragged him around and stopped at the burrito place. Then I pointed to the beef and cried. "That's him. That's him."

"Oh shut your mouth." Crystal pinched me which made me pinch her back. Giggles erupted from us. Time to run away before the security guard got mad. He yelled and we ran. Bolting past Sam Goody, we laughed and laughed. Crystal latched onto my arm as we went outside. She probably wanted a cigarette.

This was turning out to be a pretty good day. I have yet to think about Tommy at all…Shit. I just did.

Smoke swirled around me. Ug. Second hand smoking. Oh well, guess I know one way I'm dying. I made a face at Crystal and tried to imitate a French smoker.

Let's just say that it did not look right. It looked like I was constipated along with…god knows what.

"Rachael?" A husky voice said behind me.

Was it just me or was Crystal sounding more manly by the minute?

I turned to find my step dads girlfriends son staring back at me.

Mike Filben.

He was now extremely tall and not so pimpled face. Prep clothes graced his body and a cute smile. In case the family tree confused you for a second let me explain. My mom and dad had me.

They divorced. My dad has a wife in California. My mom got married again but realized it was not for her and divorced again. Now my old step dad and mom are just really good friends and he got married again to another women within 5months. Due to my moms busy schedule, I have not seen any of them for about 6 years now.

"Rachael. It really is you."

Opps. Delayed. I jumped and hugged him. Well what I was suppose to do? I have not seen him since… forever it seemed. He looked over Crystal and his jaw dropped.

Oh very slick cowboy.

"Crystal…" He bent down and gave her a hug. Crystal seemed just as stunned.

"What are you doing here?"

"With some friends…" He turned and motioned to some guys and girls. At the same time Crystal whispered something in my ear.

"God. I would bang him in a second."

Laughter again came from my mouth. Crystal always had a thing for him but when he was little he kind of seem uninterested. We were convinced for a while that he was gay.

We were definitely wrong.

With his looks now, I couldn't blame her for making that comment. He was amazingly hot. Shaggy blonde hair and bright green eyes. What's not to like?

That's when Jake popped into my head. It was a random thought.

Where the hell did that thought come from?

By now we were introduced to a few of the guys and Mike's GIRLFRIEND. I had also forgotten all of their names. His girlfriend was shooting Crystal dirty looks. The girl looked like an utter bitch. She had long, obviously dyed, red hair. That was enough to place a disgusted look on my face. It was a tacky color.

The girl wasn't even trying to hide her dislike for us already.

"I've told everyone about you guys." Mike snapped me out of my mood.


"You girls seem pretty cool to us." Said a short brown eyed guy. His name was either Sam, Bob, or Sally?

"Yeah, you can some to any our parties if you want." This guy was Greek looking. Following his comment he winked. No this guy was definitely Sally.

Note to self…again: Stay away from their parties.

We all sat down and ate something, talking the night away. The mall was just about closing when we all headed out to our cars. We had parked on different levels in the parking lots.

As mean as this sounds, I was glad to be rid of them. The guys were gross. I thought the guys friends I hung out with were perverts but wow. These guys were ten times worse.

We said our 'byes' and then separated. Except Mike was hugging Crystal when I had turned away.


They could definitely make a cute couple. But that girlfriend would certainly be a problem.

By the time the car had started, Crystal came in with a big smile on her face.

"He gave me his number! He's not gay!"

"awww…" I'm glad something was working out for her. She deserved it.

"I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me…"

'Every Time We Touch' by Cascada was on. Crystal blasted it as I pulled out of the parking lot.

"Look, It's them." I waved as Mike honked his horn.

Then we started dancing and singing to the song.

"Cause every time we touch, I get this feeling…and every time we kiss I swear I can fly. Can't you feel my heart beat fast? I want this to last. Need you by my side."

Without notice, Jake again appeared in my head again.


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