Ok, so its another one of my sad love poemsSorry, I will be trying to write poems on another subject but I keep coming up with starting points and they evolve into this!

Tides of change

Racing against the tides of change,

Pointlessly trying to resist the forces

Which threaten to tear you away from me.

The thunder begins and drowns out the sound

Of me begging, just beggingyou to stay.

You could make an angel beg, you always could.

The way you whisper those wordsin my ear

And hold me close, closer than you should.

You're so amazing,

Amazing and beautiful.

And you're leaving me.

Life's just not fair.

Everything gets turned upside down

Then mixed up, leaving behind

Arollercoaster of emotions and tears,

AndI'm expected to go on

And on like nothings changed.

Likeyou havent left.

Like I'm not alone.

So I'll stand here, on the edge of this wide open sea

And I'll wait

For your return.

Waiting and hoping that'll you come back to me,

Whole and safe with

Heart intact,

To love me once again and

WhilstI stand here I'll send

Ahundred kisses across the ocean,

And a thousand thoughts of love,

But just one soul to watch over you.


Isee you in my dreams but its just not enough,

Because whenI reach out to you,

You disappear like a phantom into the smoke

AndI cant follow because

It's not my place.

So I'll stand here waiting

Sending a hundred kisses across the waves,

Waiting for you to bring my soul back to me,

Whole again.

With you again.

Come back to me.