The Dreamer's Music

A sound so soft and hypnotizing,

Only a dreamer can conceive,

The one truest thing the music does,

To broaden the mind and enable thee.

A song to sing, love, and listen to,

And to float upon each measure.

The sweet splendor of every light and heavy pitch,

For all the thoughts it releases into the soul.

This is the dreamer's music,

So loving and provacative all at once.

To listen with astonishment drawn on

The dreamer's face.

Can you feel the music dreamer?

Can you hear your very gift?

Do you understand what the music says?

Is this your music dreamer?

It is...

Each chord harmonizing with the next,

All sounds are in perfect tune.

Such a surreal and musical world,

Every God given note strewn into one song or symphonic piece.

With the sound of the violin, guitar, or trumpet,

Sending a message to all who know and understand.

The sound of music is within us all,

We are the dreamers,

And this is the dreamer's music.

Note: This piece was inspired by Son of Frost, his amazing words aided me in this piece. I'm sure he would like it if you read his works and reveiwed them too. I feel they are far better than mine, I assure you... for those who read will enjoy. Enjoy!