Written by Tania

I stand on the balcony, my hands loosely wrapped around the railing. Reflecting the fierce light of the moon, the apartment building towers over the streets of Japan. I watch solemnly as men and women walk below me, their laughter and joy echoing to my ears.

"Your mission is accomplished."

I turn my head to see a woman standing next to me. Even though I've seen her many times in the past, her beauty always surprises me. Her long golden locks shine even brighter in the moonlight, giving the impression she is a Goddess. It dances in the wind, caressing her pale face.

"Are you well?"

I look away, unable to look at her any longer. I watch my reflection on the glass of the balcony doors. My long raven hair flaps loudly against the wind, a melody much different to the blond woman standing next to her.

"What is my next assignment?" My voice is barely louder than a whisper. I turn around to face the streets once again. The girl is quiet but I know she's looking at me. I close my eyes and tighten my hold around the railing. She extends her arm, giving me a note. I take it from her but make no attempt to open it just yet. Suddenly I feel so alone. I glance next to me and see no one standing there. The girl was gone, a white feather remained. I bend over to pick it up.

"One day," I whisper, tears welling up in my eyes. I gently hide the feather in one of my pockets and sigh. I look down at the note I still held in my hand. I carefully unfold it and read it quickly. The name and destination of my next assignment is clear.

I climb on the railing and straighten my back. I peek at the scene behind me before leaving. The man lay flat on his back, his eyes staring lifelessly at the ceiling. An expanding crimson puddle surrounding him and the revolver he had used to take his life away.

I, as an Angel of Death, accomplished my assignment. The man the High Council had ordered to die was dead. With me, I will bring his soul back into the depths of Hell where he belongs. Where he will suffer for eternity, paying for the crimes his demon soul had committed before hiding in the man's body at birth.

In a swift movement, I release my charcoal-colored wings, spreading them until they cover the balcony. Before leaving, I gently lay a hand over the pocket where I had put the Angel's feather. My fingers tingle, reminding me of the promise the High Council had made. Once all my assignments are completed, they will grant me one wish.

I lean forward, staring at the ground below.

A wish that will change my life forever.

I close my eyes and let myself fall. The wind blows in my face, relaxing me. When I reopen my eyes, I watch as the ground opens, revealing the crimson flames of Hell. I smile.

One day, I will leave the life of Death behind. My dark wings will be pure, and my hair golden.

The blood I shed is the price I must pay to become an Angel of Life. With these thoughts, I fly into the gaps of Hell.

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